Every insulator has its advantages and disadvantages. Over the years the use of mineral wool and foam was determined as the most preferred applications.

Characteristics of mineral wool and foam polystyrene"

Mineral wool is a fibrous material, which is produced in rigid and semi-rigid mats and rolls. This insulator is produced by melting of igneous rocks. Undoubted advantage of this material is that it is not only flammable, but also prevents the spread of fire. Mineral wool is vapor permeable, has a low thermal conductivity, environmentally safe, has good sound quality.

The main disadvantage of this material is that it absorbs moisture. It completely negates a lot of his dignity. Wet insulation can not to a sufficient degree to prevent the penetration of cold, in addition, it moves down, exposing part of the wall. So if you are using mineral wool should be installed high-quality vapor - and waterproofing. This requires additional financial and labor costs.

In addition, the disadvantages of this material include its considerable weight. For the installation of mineral wool requires a much more durable frame than sheet polystyrene and its modifications.

"PENOPLEX - heat insulation of new generation, which is produced in the plates. This material is clear geometric forms, light weight, high thermal insulation properties. To replace the "PENOPLEX 31S" came "PENOPLEX Comfort, which, due to the presence of the g-shaped edges, allows to avoid cold bridges.

Plates of the thermal insulator light in weight that provides ease and speed of installation. In the composition of the material: no harmful substances, so it is safe from the point of view of ecology. If during installation * necessary personal protective equipment as highlighted in fine fibers and dust when you use the "foam polystyrene" this is not required.

Which is better: mineral wool or foam polystyrene"?

If you want to insulate the Foundation, alternatives to the foam no. Mineral wool for these purposes will not work. In other cases, these insulators are almost identical. Installation of mineral wool but more labor intensive and costly. "PENOPLEX" wins not only in speed and ease of installation, but also for several other reasons: it does not absorb moisture, does not require a heavy frame and waterproofing, it can be glued to the wall or mounted on it a plastic dowels.

"PENOPLEX" can be used for insulation of communications, paving, road paving. If the decisive factor in the choice of insulation is not only heat but also sound insulation, are better advised to use mineral wool.