Steak and steak

Steak called honey cut from young bull, which were fed high-quality grain. Steak meat is always cut across the grain and never subjected to a steam treatment prior to cooking. The steak is prepared in the following manner: a piece of meat quickly fried until crisp and leave to get ready at a lower temperature, so it is well fried on the inside. But some cooks neglect the cooking of this steak, because not every cafe or restaurant can afford to buy expensive meat for him.

The steaks are allowed to cook various types of meat, including high-quality young pork.

Steak is meat of an ox, cut between the rib and left on the bone. The right steak is well-done piece on the side which shows a line connecting prozirnost on both sides. Today steak is often called pork, which in itself is absurd, as meat for them does not have pigs. Steaks can be cooked as on a griddle and in the oven, where they baked under shredded cheese, onions, potatoes, mushrooms and mayonnaise for forty minutes.

Steak and splints

Steak is a traditional American dish and, in fact, is the same steak, but has some differences. So, first and foremost, the steaks come in different degrees of doneness – from viarengo dry meat to a juicy steak, rare. In addition, it can be either from a single piece of beef and minced beef and method of cooking generally varies from grill to fire – it also allowed the frying of steak in batter.

The Americans often called the steak not just beef, but pork.

The splint is a full-fledged dish in the form of reeds, cut from beef tenderloin. The classic recipe of the splint, in principle, does not exist, because it is prepared in many different ways, tenderizing before cooking the beef, combining it with different toppings or Panarea in the breadcrumbs. Thus, differences between these dishes can be considered a way of roasting on strictly defined rules, the choice cuts of meat, variety of dishes and the degree of roasting and method of slicing meat and its feed co-products