Liqueur Baileys

Baileys is an Irish liqueur made from cream and Irish whiskey. When cooking use butter, vanilla, caramel, sugar and cocoa. The product is made by special technology, which does not allow to sour cream thanks to its perfect blending with alcohol. And, most importantly, it does not contain preservatives.

Liqueur Baileys sugary-bitter with a bright, sweet undertone. The strength of the liqueur is 17%. It is often presented as a gift the beautiful half of humanity, after all, perceive it as a dessert, not spirits.

Cocktails with the addition of Baileys

Of course, the taste of liquor is quite pronounced, so some people consider it necessary to dilute it a bit. But then the question arises: what exactly it is diluted and how best to do it in order not to spoil the taste?

If you do not want to mix a pleasant taste of creamy liqueur with other flavors - you can add regular crushed ice. It will cool the drink and dilute it with a little consistency and, accordingly, weaken the sugary taste.

The most famous cocktail consisting of a liqueur Baileys, called "B-52". It consists of coffee, orange and cream liqueur Baileys. All components must be in equal proportions. Cocktail is preparing directly in the stack. First poured coffee liqueur, then the cream, but so as not to mix it with coffee. Best thing to do is bar false. And the third layer, pour the orange liqueur.

If you want an unusual taste, you can mix all ingredients in a shaker, add ice cubes. And for those who like it hot, to burn "B-52" and drink it through a straw while it is burning.

And smoothie lovers will appreciate the cocktail "Baileys smoothie". Mostly it is popular among women. It includes: Baileys - 100 ml coffee liqueur - 50 ml liqueur "Lawyer" - 50 ml cream - 50 ml and three medium sized banana. Bananas are crushed in a blender, and then they added all the other ingredients and crushed ice. To decorate the cocktail, you can use grated chocolate or cocoa. Liquor "Lawyer" can be replaced with ice cream.

And cocktail "Baileys Chocolate" has a pleasant taste and is often used instead of dessert. Usually it is served with ice cream. For its preparation are used only 3 tablespoons liqueur Baileys, 2 - chocolate liqueur, 1 - vodka, few ice cubes and grated on a fine grater chocolate. All the ingredients are mixed using a shaker. Then the cocktail is poured by the glass, and profusely decorated with chocolate chips.