Simple hairstyles for medium hair

If you have curly hair, create volume on the head of hair with a hair dryer with a nozzle-diffuser. First wash your hair and gently dry them with a towel. Then separate the section of hair and place it in the "fingers" of the dryer. Dry strand of not more than 30 seconds. Then move to the next strand. Thus, dry all the hair. Then a few shake their hands. Outwardly, this hair resembles a Perm. To laying is well kept throughout the day, before its establishment, apply to the hair foam.

If you don't want to leave your hair loose, make a tail. Gather hair from the sides of the temples and fix them with elastic. Let the loose hair fall down a waterfall. In General, the hair will look very romantic. And the rear locks will not climb you in the face.

Create a hairstyle with a rim of hair on the head. For this acesite all the hair back. Then on one side of the three strands and begin to weave the braid to the other side. The braid should be placed close to the forehead. During the weaving make new podbrady laterally, connecting them with the old locks. The end of the weave should fix invisible. Thus, on the head you get a headband braid and the remaining hair will fall on your shoulders.

Another interesting hairstyle with braid: divide the hair parted in the middle and braid two braids. They must start from the neck and go down. At the neck weave braids into one, and their connections put beautiful hairpin.

Hairstyles based fleece

Different hairstyles can be done on the basis of fleece. It can be done, even if hair reaching just to his shoulders. To create the bouffant, you may need a special roller for hair. Place it on top, and the top cover hair. If you don't have cushion, do hair without it. First acesite front hair on the forehead. Then highlight the wide strand at the nape and twist it into a bundle. Lay the harness in a circle to make a cone. Secure it with Bobby pins. Return the hair otesannye ago. They close disku.

If the fleece is very small, Podesite hair at the roots. Then the hair will become more voluminous. When will lay a lump of hair, gather them together and secure with Bobby pins. This part of the hair should not fall apart. In addition to the invisible can wear a beautiful hairpin.

Hairstyle with fleece will be very beautiful if you roll the hair on curlers. As the waves gracefully fall back. Additionally, if the hair is quite a lot, can braid her hair.