The most popular polycarbonate is enjoyed by owners of land dedicated to growing vegetables. As a material for greenhouse polycarbonate is simply irreplaceable, since it has high strength, perfectly protects plants from the harmful effects of direct sunlight, and is relatively inexpensive.

Types of polycarbonate

Today, the market presents two types of polycarbonate cellular and solid. Cellular polycarbonate called polymeric core material having a multilayer structure. The strength of the material is provided by longitudinal crosspieces known as ribs.

Solid polycarbonate has a solid structure and in appearance resembles glass, but it is much stronger and almost two times lighter.

Durable, transparent and lightweight

The strength of polycarbonate provides a unique chemical composition, which is based on polyesters. Without going into scientific terms, we can say that such material (in contrast to the same glass) can easily withstand a direct hit by a stone from a close distance. First and foremost, material happy farmers, polycarbonate greenhouses which can finally withstand the strongest gusts of wind and stand on a thick layer of snow.

In their transparency, polycarbonate is superior to glass, because the structure of this material allows you to skip up to 90% of sunlight. Ordinary glass this figure is much less. If to continue the theme of greenhouses, we can say that this new plastic is much more effective protecting plants from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Ease is another parameter on which the polycarbonate gives odds to many materials. For example, if you weigh two equal pieces of polycarbonate and glass, it appears that the last six times heavier. The monolithic form of this material easier glass twice.

Easy installation and handling

Polycarbonate sheets are fastened together using special profiles, which provide the structural strength of any complexity. All frame material can be fastened and ordinary screws.

Polymer plastic is extremely easy and comfortable to handle, while the use of special tools is not necessary, since the cut sheet of the desired size with the help of ordinary knife for drywall.