To become a professional, you need to do what you are really interested. In this case, you will be happy to dive into the process activities and look for ways to solve problems, learn new skills and improve their technique. If what you're doing, you absolutely are not interested, to achieve success in this business is unlikely to succeed.
Learn to think broadly and comprehensively, but to notice all the details. Any job that is given to you, you need to understand and to spread apart. If you learn to see not only the problem but also possible solutions, you will realize that this allows you to find an easier and short way. Always assess the risks, analyze each solution and its features, think logically. But it is important not to overlook the details, as they often play an important role.
To be a professional in their field, to constantly develop and improve yourself. Methods, techniques and problem solving techniques are constantly changing. So study specialized literature, attend seminars, enroll in a refresher course. Improve your skills and adapt your skills to those or other changes that affect the scope of your activities.
Always bring the case to the end. Even if it's virtually impossible to do everything and to achieve a result. If you stop midway, you will not be able to grasp the essence of problems and find the best way to solve it. Difficulties should not scare you, they improve your skills. Don't be afraid of mistakes, they are learning even professionals.
To be successful in their field, collaborate with colleagues. Observe their activities, communicate with them, discuss current problems, share experience. First, joint discussion of problems helps to identify all the important aspects and details, and to find some solutions. Second, the data is more experienced colleagues tips can be very useful and sensible. Thirdly, you will be able to identify their mistakes and shortcomings.
Optimize your activities and avoid routine. For example, instead of counting the cost manually, use a computer program. Saved time spend on the study and development of another program which will allow you to run faster and other routine actions.