I'm sure many owners of personal computers know: if you operate your device in "extreme conditions", it will fail. The same rule can be attributed to the fact that some PC owners do not monitor the temperature of components included with the computer. Of course, if you do not monitor the temperature and in case of detection of any malfunction is not timely corrected, it may "cover" or a specific system component or the entire computer entirely. If the damage was caused by overheating, it is considered that the component is "burned".

Power supply

The computer's power supply is not the most "difficult" part of the personal computer, but it is no less important. Like any other device, the power supply could "burn out", so you need to monitor its temperature (and other components). Of course, first you need to say that to neglect the power supply when choosing components for your personal computer is not necessary. As the saying goes: "Miser pays twice!". Therefore, when choosing a PSU for your desktop PC should pick up a device which will be the key to a stable, durable and smooth operation.

How to monitor the temperature of the power supply

Components of the power unit during operation is very hot and therefore require intensive cooling. For this purpose, fans and radiators, built-in PSU. The user can monitor the temperature of the PSU and other components using programs: SpeedFan 4.50 Everest or AIDA64. The aim of all programmes is the same - monitoring the state of the computer as a whole and its parts. Each program has its own, unique, but quite simple and intuitive interface, a set of tools that determine the CPU temperature, power supply, system unit, hard disk, video card and other critical system components.

In order to see the results, you should install and open one of the above programs and navigate to the appropriate tab to view. Here you can see the different options for each part of the system and monitor its health in General. Test and track the performance of each part of the personal computer will enable to promptly detect and eliminate possible fault.