Polypropylene pipe shall not be outside in the direct sunlight, because the polymers in the composition of the polypropylene, tend to deteriorate under ultraviolet light. This can lead to cracks in the pipes and reduce their quality. Therefore, it is recommended the use of polypropylene pipes in closed warehouses, underground, inside buildings and building frames. The use of pipes on the outer surfaces is possible only in case of providing the protective structure or protective shell.

In case of underground laying water or sewage pipes made of polypropylene, it is necessary to restrict them from mechanical impact. In General, neither the soil nor the groundwater will not affect the strength and integrity of pipes. For laying overhead wiring polypropylene pipe is not recommended.

When installing polypropylene pipes is recommended to ensure that all connection components dry. If during the process of installing the environment temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius, it is recommended before starting work to warm up the pipe with warm air.

Features of polypropylene pipes and the advantages of their use

Polypropylene pipes and fittings are products of durable and environmentally friendly plastic. The main features of these pipes are the following qualities:
- the longevity of their use – life of 25 to 50 years;
- strength;
- flexibility;
- light weight;
- resistance to temperature changes – can withstand temperatures from -10 to +95 degrees Celsius;
- high throughput;
low thermal conductivity, which minimizes heat loss during transport of the fluids of certain temperatures;
- almost not affected by corrosion.

Polypropylene pipes are very easy to use and are lightweight to mount them. In addition, they are non-toxic and harmless from the ecological point of view as to the environment, and for people who work with them.

Polypropylene pipes are used in many industries and domestic areas, such as in heating and water systems, transportation of drinking and industrial water, agricultural piping. In addition, tubes made of this plastic are used for storage of petroleum products, in the manufacture of fibers, the construction of industrial and household stock facilities, in the galvanic production.