Why is this happening

The destruction of the hemoglobin of the fetus is accompanied by increased levels of bilirubin in the blood, which gives the body of the baby olive shade. This process is called physiological jaundice appears on day 3-4 of life and passes by the 3rd week. This type of jaundice does not harm the baby, but if the condition persists over the long term, there is reason to seek medical attention.

In other cases, the cause of high bilirubin in the blood may be pathological jaundice, which is provoked by adverse external factors: a severe course of pregnancy, diseases of the mother during pregnancy. One of the main causes of pathological jaundice may be diabetes of the mother. In other cases, it develops after intrauterine fetal hypoxia or asphyxia during birth.

These conditions can lead to liver damage to a baby, the future development of hormonal disorders and also to cause hepatic dysfunction. Causes of high bilirubin in the baby's blood can be quite a lot, the correct diagnosis is capable of supplying only a pediatrician after a difficult blood tests for bilirubin and its fractions. Also assigned to various surveys of the baby. Only after the examination the doctor can make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

What is the danger of increased bilirubin

Prolonged jaundice, and increased bilirubin threat its toxic effects on the vital centers of the child, including his brain. Emergency increased levels of bilirubin on the second day after birth may develop bilirubin encephalopathy. It is manifested constant drowsiness, decrease or lack of sucking reflex of the baby, and sometimes can significantly reduce blood pressure, appear convulsions. On palpation of the abdomen of the child, the doctor is able to determine a significant increase in the spleen and liver.

If this condition is not treated, for six months, the baby starts to lag behind in mental and physical development, it may disrupt the hearing, the sight, the future may develop paralysis and paresis. Therefore, it is important to begin therapy, and in the future, be sure to consult with a neurologist.

How to treat elevated bilirubin in newborns

Timely begun treatment, you can use the most simple and effective method of therapy, also called phototherapy. Under the influence of special lamps of toxic indirect bilirubin is rapidly destroyed and excreted in the feces and urine. The baby is placed under ultraviolet lamp in the Nude, closed leaving only the genitals. Eye wears a special headband, the duration of exposure is prescribed by a doctor. After the treatments, possible skin peeling and the appearance of liquid frequent stools.

To help your child recover after pathological jaundice, often need to attach it to the chest, specifically need to Wake the child when it comes to feeding time. Nutrition breast milk facilitates the elimination of bilirubin from the body and helps cleanse the circulatory system and kidneys.