Advice 1: Select knee pads for dance: style, comfort and safety

The human body requires regular physical exercise. For this purpose, for example, it is possible to dance. But classes may require special knee pads that not only perform a protective function, but also a very stylish look. Choose knee pads should be according to certain criteria.
Knee pads for dance

Knee pads for dance: why they are needed?

Currently wishing of almost any age can dance. Have the opportunity to choose from a variety of styles. Usually studios put forward some requirements to the form of dance. But there are optional accessories like special knee pads. However, few know about their use.

In the process of employments by dancing the movable parts of the body especially prone to injury. Because of the accident injuries of the hand or foot has to forget about his favorite hobby. In order to protect yourself from such eventualities, you should buy kneepads for dancing. They not only eliminate the "loosening" of the joints, but also help to protect the knee in case of careless movement. Knee pads also contribute to the overall strengthening of the ligaments. Standard tires do not achieve such an excellent result.

How to choose the right knee pads for dance

When choosing knee pads for dance, you should consider certain criteria. First of all, you need to pay attention to their size. The risk of injury actually increases if the knee will not be appropriate for you. Before buying you should measure the circumference of the knee. There are four sizes of these products from 1 to 4.

Equally important are the materials from which made the knee pads. It is better to choose accessories made of natural and semi-natural materials that are breathable. But they have to be durable and to withstand heavy loads.

Dancing is freedom and movement. So, the best option would be elastic knee pads that allow you to enjoy their hobby without a trace and not think about the stiffness. Also, these accessories should fit snugly to the skin. Before purchase necessarily try on the knee pads and walk around in them for a few minutes. They should not be felt in the leg. If you experience discomfort, these knee pads you aren't.

To purchase these accessories is recommended in specialized stores of professional products for athletes and dancers. Then you are guaranteed to get quality products. Good kneepads can be worn over a long period of time. If you have used knee pads from a specific manufacturer, you can order them through the Internet. But you need to do it only through the official website.

Advice 2: How to choose the style of dance

Dancing is great cardio. They allow you to burn fat, strengthen the cardiovascular system and improve posture. Through dancing, your body will become more slender, but the movement is smooth and beautiful. In addition, dance is an excellent alternative to overexposed monotonous movements in the aerobics room. Only one problem – a variety of dance styles in the modern fitness forever, and navigate the beginner can be very difficult.
How to choose the style of dance
Choose a dance Studio depending on their preferences, temperament, and even age. It is difficult to demand from middle-aged ladies of attachment to hip-hop or house. Slow timid girl should not start with a crown of gold-pressed Latinum or rhythmic Irish dancing.
Pay attention to the basic moves in dance. Depends on the thrust load during class. Latin allows you to work out the waist and hips, Irish dancing give stress primarily the muscles of the legs and buttocks. Specific PA Kankan will provide an excellent study of the upper thighs and lower abdomen. Cardiostrides with its curves and a seductive tilt of the body will add flexibility to your spine. Rhythmic movements of belly dance allow you to loosen up the joints of the lower part of the body to cope with cellulite and improve posture. Body-ballet reduces the volume of the thighs and buttocks and straightens your posture.
Think about your health. If you have problems with joints, you are not allowed to do Irish dancingand. High shock can worsen your condition. Problems with pressure or coordination? Refrain from street-dance, this trend suggests stand on your head or hands.
Some dance styles not only help to improve your physical condition, but also address specific psychological problems. So, playing strip-dens will help to overcome its stiffness, make you more free and confident in relationships with the opposite sex. A strip will allow you to feel what in life you never dared to become a vamp, defenseless young maiden or a languid odalisque.
If you like everything new, unusual or you just love to dance, enroll in a section of dance-mix. This direction combines a variety of rhythms. Today you dance classical ballet, tomorrow fun bullied foot in Kankan, and the day after recklessly rotate the hips in belly dancing.
Before you give preference to a particular direction, dance, listen to appropriate music. If it is under it, your legs start to dance, then the choice is simple.
Useful advice
If you decide to begin classes in the middle of the season, don't start with complicated directions requiring good stretching or additional training. Start with all the favorite Latin dances. Perky rhythms and energetic movements will help you to prepare for other types of dance fitness.
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