First, parents have the goal to learn of the child at school, then help him to go to graduate school. Then Chad overage occurs, the housing problem, and parents are happy to solve it. Sometimes, married or married child puts parents on the neck and his "soul mate". So can continue indefinitely. Why adult children don't want to work, and how to deal with this problem?

Psychologists believe that the unwillingness or inability of grown-up children to provide for themselves and to leave the parental home, are directly connected with the psychological immaturity of man, stuck between childhood and independent lives. Several reasons for this, and, unfortunately, the appearance of most of them provoked the parents.

Inability to plan

Some grown up children are unable to choose for themselves a worthy goal and to make a competent plan for its implementation. In addition, they fear that will not provide itself such wealth, which was used in the parental home. Few people voluntarily agree to suffer financial difficulties or something to limit myself.

The fear of losing comfort

The parents usually create the ideal conditions that he does not want to leave. Why try to build a nest of their own, which may not be as convenient and comfortable as a parent? In addition, home so good: Breakfast in bed, cook a tasty lunch, hang in the wardrobe clean and ironed clothes...

Lack of independence

Sometimes parents believe that their children are just not Mature enough to be independent life: they are bound to do something wrong, will ruin or mess up. This opinion is imposed to the growing child, and, after a while, he gets used to think of myself as a worthless creation.

The lack of habit to make

Young people who have received pocket money from parents who do not know how to get them yourself. In addition, they have formed a stable the psychology of a Freeloader, which is fueled by the belief that one has only to ask, and any amount will be provided to parents immediately.

What to do?

First of all, parents need to begin to live your own life, find other interests, in addition to the care their grown child. No matter how strong was not a desire to teach, to defend and protect, will have to give the opportunity for an adult child to live independently. Parents will really help your kid, if you promote it in your job search, such as resume writing, searching for suitable vacancies, contacting family and friends with a request to employ a son or daughter. If the child continues to sit back, to cut its material combination to a minimum and to apply other repressive actions.