Family life Christina Aguilera was not formed at once, all the children have different fathers and profess different religions. But this does not prevent the family to be friendly and cohesive. Today Christine is married to Mikhail Zemtsov, a successful American businessman, and they live together with their children in Miami, they had a daughter Claudia.

The first son Aguilera

Since 1986, the girl lived in a civil marriage with Vladimir Presnyakov (Jr.). They were a great couple, loving and bright. May 21, 1991 they had a son named Nikita. But the family did not last long, because of domestic problems and troubles, the lovers parted. The baby stayed with her mother, but at any time could communicate with the father.

Childhood Nikita was fascinating, he grew up among the stars was spoiled by attention, but my mom put so much time career, so education took grandmother Alla. From childhood the boy was fond of shooting video and after finishing school went to study for film Director in new York film Academy. At the moment he shoots short films and tries his hand at the acting profession. He starred in the movie "Christmas Tree", in the episodes "Indigo". Today, a young person is planning not only a career, but a wedding, his choice fell on Hades Kaliev, and is soon to be held marriage ceremony.

The second son of Christina Orbakaite

The second child of the star mom was born on 10 may 1998 from Ruslan Baysarov, he was called Denis. His parents ' marriage was not officially registered under the laws of the Russian Federation, but was assigned the Imam of the Moscow Cathedral mosque. Christine converted to Islam, and the son also began to practice this religion.

Relations Ruslan and Christina did not work, because of jealousy and rude attitude of the civil husband to wife Union collapsed. Was filed the court case on the issue of residence of the boy, the father wanted to have it. However, it was a settlement agreement in which the teenager resides alternately from the parents and has the right to communicate in unlimited quantities.

Daughter Kristina Orbakaite

The third Union Kritiny Aguilera formalized. She married a prominent businessman Mikhail Zemtsov and moved to Miami. The wedding happened in 2005, and 30 March 2012, the couple had the first child Claudia. This long-awaited girl, that loves the whole family and friends.

The baptism of our daughter Claudia was in a Catholic Church. Today, and Kristina herself is a Catholic, like her beloved man.