The pettiness of men and women

Pettiness is hardly the worst thing that women can give some of the men. After all, the representatives of the stronger sex are attracted to very different qualities - generosity of spirit, broad gestures and beautiful things. From a petty person they can hardly wait. In addition, a man usually stingy, not only on gifts but also on feelings.

However, women often tend pettiness, no less. And this quality is also not too attractive to men, because these ladies find fault on trifles, are greed and selfishness. But men are also looking for in women is quite another understanding, patience, the beauty of the soul. Do not underestimate the pettiness: it can impair and even destroy relationships, cause mutual resentment and misunderstanding between people.

The character of the petty person

Petty you can be not only at home but also in relationships with loved ones, and loved ones. This is when gifts, attentions, liking, tenderness, etc. control, to strict accounting, mentally entered in the register and are issued in strict dosage and schedule. Roses only on March 8, washing the floors on Sunday, sex on Thursdays, chicken on Fridays, etc.

Also manifests itself in the pettiness of envy. To prove its importance, such a person finds in the other minor flaws and inflates them to an enormous size. Envy can turn into vindictiveness.

The man who is petty, touchy and often vindictive. He collects bad memories of the failure to provide assistance, inattentiveness, criticism, evil joke, the lack of recognition of merit, etc.

The pettiness, the opposite side of such quality as distraction. Both of these extremes can lead to various worldly problems. For example, petty man can very carefully control the order in my house, completely oblivious to the subtle psychological problems of other family members. Homework done by the child, it is more important whether the student is serious complexes. However, this does not mean that this man is evil by nature. He's just too short-sighted.

Various little things steal from petty human psychological sensitivity and time. He notices the speck and the extra count every penny, but doesn't see the sadness in the eyes of loved ones. He's trying to control and rationalize dismissing spontaneous decisions, the strongest impulses of the soul, the inspiration, all the sublime and beautiful, how devoid of usefulness whim.

Because petty people are particularly useful to relax and to do something unusual. More to dream, more likely to look loved ones in the eye, listen to your feelings, the soul. And then the pettiness is able to transform into concern and thrift - qualities which can strengthen any family.