Freelancing on sites like fl, freelansim, weblancer

If you are knowledgeable about and well versed in some computer skills, then this resource could become a major instrument of income at home. There are tasks for all categories of professionals, knowledgeable in various fields - designers, programmers, testers and many others.

The principle of operation on the resource is as follows: the purchaser has the job you want to do, sets the price for its performance, and specifies a deadline. Freelancers, i.e. performers apply to perform. The customer acknowledges a particular application, and the task is performed by the user, which he chose. Once the freelancer finishes the work on order, it needs to show the results. The customer can accept or send back for revision. If the result is accepted, the freelancer receives the amount that were initially established for the job. Gradually, the rating and the competence of the contractor are rising, and it becomes possible to take a better paying orders.

Exchange texts

The principle of operation of text exchanges similar sites for freelancing. Here, too, there are customers and performers, as well as the tasks for which specified amounts and deadlines. The only difference emanating from the title – the exchange of texts spetsializiruyutsya solely on the texts. The contractor shall write the most unique, not containing error texts. These services also have user rating, and the earnings of copywriters him is directly proportional.


It is an international currency trading market on which the auction is conducted round the clock. Earnings in Forex depends on how to change the rate value of any currency and in which direction it will fall or rise. In order to earn, you must know the working principles of the Forex market. Many sources in sufficient detail illuminates the subject, sometimes it makes sense to pass specialized courses specialized courses.

Earnings on clicks, surveys, the implementation of paid jobs in the social. networks

This method is not as interesting as the previous three, but still can also bring some income. Especially if you have a large stock of patience. The resemblance to freelance and exchanges texts that pay for performance increases with the number of completed jobs. But a huge difference is that the first tasks for such services will cost a few pennies or cents. And in order to be able to do the job with a greater cost, you must first make a huge amount of menial tasks.