How to choose cooler type cooling

Electronic cooler can cool the water by 10-15 degrees, but the cooling process is slow. If the family consists of 5-6 people, that would be enough. In addition, the thermoelectric cooler must be installed in a well ventilated area to avoid clogged fan. If you put the e-cooler in the hot room, cool water will be long. Compressor cooler arranged on the principle of the refrigerator, therefore the temperature of the environment process cooling is not affected. Cooling occurs quickly, and the water temperature can be adjusted. With regard to the use of the cooler as an electric kettle – heating system in all models is almost identical.

Varieties of coolers

According to the method of installation the cooler can be divided into floor and table. Table coolers are compact, but they require a special stand. Have outdoor models have a stand that can be placed, for example, the dishes. Table coolers almost always use thermoelectric cooling. They work almost silently. It is better to choose a cooler with no moving parts, it will extend its service life. Outdoor coolers can be both electronic and compressor. Often they have not only a cupboard, but the fridge and the ozone generator, which disinfects the water and removes odors in the room.
The type of supply water coolers can be bottled and flowing. In the bottled cooler are bottles of water capacity 19 or 22 liters. The disadvantage of using these coolers is that you will need to constantly enjoy the water and regularly clean the machine in place of the bottle.

Flow-through cooler is connected directly to the water supply. It is purified and chilled water can be obtained in unlimited quantities, however, will require the intervention of qualified installer. On the other hand, you will be spared from the ongoing costs of bottled water. By running cooler, you can get up to 180 liters of water per day. The cooling water is at least 4 degrees, and the cleansing from harmful substances is not less than 95%.

To select a cooler for your home, it is important to determine the type of cooling, method of installation and method of supplying water. Everything else is at the discretion of the householder. So, the coolers can be provided for the electronic clock protection for children from hot water, lighting and so on. Coolers have different designs, so you can choose a model specifically for the interior space.