You will need
  • - a pair of headphones;
  • - plugs "3.5 jack", "jack 6,3", "DIN".
To use headphones as microphoneom, you need to switch them from one connector to another. So for the output devices is determined by the green connector, and for input devices — pink. After switching try to use only the right speaker (the inscription on the right earpiece) as the socket for the microphoneand is monogamy.
For use two piece of earphone need to resolder, cutting off the old plug. Solder the wires to the new plug "mono" on the principle wire of the same color to the "base", colored wires connect together, then solder to the other contact of the plug. After performing soldering, wait for the cooling of the wires, assemble the plug and only after that use it for other purposes.
If you need to use the microphone not to exchange messages through the Internet and karaoke, which the other connector (jack 6,3), use the scheme described above. All the actions are similar, since the principle of operation of the plugs of both types is reduced to only the signal transmission. Please note that the use of headphones instead of a microphonebut you can in other sockets.
Still have not disappeared from the market the DIN plugs. This standard appeared in Soviet time and was used in almost all applications of household appliances. You just need to open the plug and solder the headphone wire to 1, 3 and 5 contact. "Base" is connected to the 3rd contact, the left and right channels - s 1-m and 5-m contact. If the incoming sound is quiet, try switching the wires of the first channels on the 1st contact, and then on the 2nd.
The only difficulty that you may face with a quiet sound. This is due to the absence in the device headphone amplification module, which by construction is not provided. If you have unnecessary audio device, e.g., tape player or amplifier, use them to increase the signal level.