You will need
  • Headphones from the phone, plug to jack "3,5", connecting wires, soldering iron.
Of course, the easiest way out, in your case, to use the old headphones from the phone. There can be 2 options. You can use the headphones directly, and can only use the microphone. The first option is more loyal and takes only a few minutes of your time. Go to a radio parts store, buy an adapter that will turn a thin plug in the jack 2,5 male to jack 3,5. Connect the adapter with a plug earphone and enjoy not only the microphonebut also the whole headset.
Also in this case, it is possible to do the following: connect the headset to the phone – connect phone and computer via Bluetooth connection. This option is justified in view of lower cost (if you have a Bluetooth adapter).
Considering the latter method of solving the problem, it is worth noting that you will have to implement the spike wires. If you don't know how, ask for help from friends or acquaintances, though it is simple. First, arm yourself with the heated soldering iron, rosin and a small amount of solder. You need to solder the prepared wire twisted pair to a 3.5 jack plug.
After the connection plug and wires pick up the headphones from the phone. Disassemble a small case with fixed button "Reply". You'll see a little microphone. To solder the microphonefrom the exposed portion of the twisted pair wires. Case back to collect. You can also remove the microphone from the headset, but the headset will lose its integrity.
If everything was done correctly and the wires in the ground, the spikes are not locked, when you connect a microphoneto the computer and you will hear a clicking noise, typical of a working microphone.