The foam is a homogeneous elastic material, consisting of small balls glued together. Contrary to the opinion of the layman, the plates of the insulation do not emit into the environment hazardous to human health styrene. The allocation of this substance begins only when heated foam over 90C. Therefore, it cannot be used as insulation in baths, saunas, and steam rooms.

What kind of foam very "warm"?

The best insulation made of polystyrene is the one that has the least density. It is extruded polystyrene. He has the lowest coefficient of thermal conductivity, since the density of this material is 25-35 kg/m3. According to the experts, 20 cm extruded polystyrene for heat saving is comparable to the 30 cm foam with a density of 15 and 25 kg/m3.

What is the Styrofoam used for insulation of home?

Any insulation in the penetration of moisture loses some of its insulating properties. Foam, unlike mineral wool and other fibrous materials malogigroskopichny. It may take a small amount of moisture: not more than 4% of their volume. Extruded polystyrene, due to its high density, does not absorb moisture. So it is the optimum insulation for a house.

However, the hygroscopicity of the foam density of 15, 25 and 30 kg/m3 is so small that when stacking plates not required installation of waterproofing. Therefore, this material can also be used for insulation of walls and ceilings. It is important to choose the thickness of the webs of the foam. It is available in slabs with a length of 1 m and 2 m and a thickness of 5 or 10 cm.

For outdoor use, it is preferable to use foam, and for internal modification "PENOPLEX". With this material you can insulate the floor, walls, ceilings, utilities, storage tanks. Paintings of "PENOPLEX" are different brands. For residential heated space optimal choice – "PENOPLEX 31S". In unheated garages, warehouses, fire designs, use of the "PENOPLEX 35", which has a high resistance to fire and is a highly effective insulator. Insulation brand "45" is used in the conditions of dynamic and mechanical loads, so as to withstand pressure up to 0.5 MPa.

In the high insulating qualities of the "PENOPLEX" to verify experimentally: if one side of the canvas with a thickness of 5 cm to apply a hot iron, and the opposite – hand, for several minutes, the material will prevent propagation of heat, and people will not feel of heating plate.