The manufacture of bulletproof vests

The purpose of armor is protection of the human body (specifically the upper torso – the torso). Due to the high strength of the materials from which it is made, he is able to keep intact the vital organs located in the abdominal cavity and chest. Typically, this protective device consists of a material having sberegayuschimi qualities -protection from bullets and shrapnel, and scattering their energy.

The materials which are most often used to create bulletproof vests, include: Kevlar, aramid, steel, titanium, ceramic plates. For Russian companies, sewing vests, most characterized by the use of ballistic fabric such as Kevlar.

Sew vests of 30-50 layers of ballistic fabric and batting (for cushion damper), and without exception, all of the details sewn with reinforced threads. The final phase of the suit is that in a pre-prepared pockets to insert armor elements (plates made of titanium, steel or ceramic).

The greater number of layers stitched to the vest, so it protects people, but in proportion to the lost mobility due to increasing weight of the product. Therefore, manufacturers are trying to find a middle ground.

Is to distinguish the armor from the armor suit (used for special purposes by field engineers, for example).

What are the types of body armor

According to the established standard, the vests are divided into three types: A, B and C. Type A is the vest fabric (so-called soft or flexible). The semi-rigid body armor, which plates branhamella, belongs to the type "B". And type "b" is visocosity vest (based on the rigid plates of the special branhamella).

Classification Russia has 10 armor class: 0, 1, 2, 2A, 3, 4, 5, 5A, 6, 6A. Each class requires a certain level of protection from firearms and bladed weapons and the means to operate at different levels of threat (for example, class 0 is protection from bladed weapons). So, flexible body armor type "And" unlikely to protect, IVO from gunshot bullets that can pierce even the basis of it, but will protect from penetration bladed knives. Today there are a large number of models of body armor from different manufacturers.

Features body armor

The armor is not weak shipment, wear it for a long time very difficult. The weight of the armor can be from 2 to 20 kg. It complicates the rapid movement and heavy pressure on the body, as a result of violations of heat can cause heat stroke and loss of consciousness. Continuous operation of the vest has a negative effect on health. Despite the high degree of protection, the body armor does not protect from zabronevoy contusion injuries zabronevogo offset.