Dornit, geotextiles, often used in various construction works. When creating roads is a non-woven pavement according to certain rules, prevents the soil falling through the cracks in the joints of plates. Dornit makes the road more resistant to static loads.
The geotextile is placed between the gravel and clay layers, thereby protecting the road surface from the failures and cracks of the surface. Due to its good capillarity dornit often serves as a drainage layer in the construction of buildings.
The nonwoven coating is sometimes used in the construction of Railways. Geotextile is used to separate local soils from the ballast, groundwater seepage and lateral drainage of water, with subsequent removal to special gutters. Reinforced dornit slopes and the slopes are more resistant to tensile stress in them is lower.
The geotextile is suitable for the construction of temporary roads. Dornita layer provides uniform pressure distribution and prevents the penetration of foreign particles into the ground. The slopes of the overpasses and roads are often strengthened by dornit and geogrid. This non-woven coating used as a lining material between the soil and gabion.
Sometimes the geotextile used in the construction of pedestrian zones. To paving slabs did not drop, dornit separate the gravel from the soil layer and gravel cushion layer of sand mixture. In the construction of buildings made of concrete in freezing temperatures due to crystallization of water deteriorating the properties of the concrete mix, to avoid this, concrete covered with dornit. The geotextile allows to uniformly remove moisture from the drying of the mixture and to prevent the loss of strength due to excessively rapid evaporation of the liquid.
Geotextile the canvas used in the construction of Bank protection structures. In this case, it serves as a separator between the aggregate of gabions and soil. Dornit also prevents the leaching of soil particles. Non-woven coating used in construction of artificial reservoirs, in this case it is placed between the waterproofing and soil layer and protects the geomembrane.
Nonwoven synthetic coating is resistant to chemical weathering, UV and high breaking load, so it is widely used in landscaping. Granit used to separate soil layers of sand and gravel, protection of the waterproofing materials from rodents and mechanical damage. In addition, the geotextile prevents the germination of weeds. Geotextile the canvas can act as a filter layer, and its variety of colors allows you to apply dronet as decorating material.