A woman may be in a hurry to choose the wrong companion dreamed

A major mistake that can make a woman, entering into marriage is to marry the wrong man has been waiting for all my life. Should immediately flee to the Registrar, if the rich man in the bed turned out to be a terrific lover, and offers a "hand and heart"? It may be wise to live with him in a civil marriage to get to know him better? If the "test" conducted by "civil" husband suitable for living together, the woman may make some mistakes as a wife.

Relationship to her husband as property

Over the wedding was the first wedding night, the marriage stamp in the passport is. Ahead of a long happy life with the beloved man. And the wife begins to relax, sometimes not in a very good way. She thinks because her husband belongs to her, then he needs to live as she feels right: to engage in sex at a certain time, always bring her Breakfast in bed, to dress like, she advises.

And thus forgets that it is dealing not with a toy, but a real person who lived up to her 20, 30 or more years independently. That he has his own ideas about life in General and marriage in particular.

Attempts to alter it under yourself

The wife begins to feel offended, to sulk and to demand that her husband fulfill their desires. A man can give in a time or two, and then will start to get annoyed and argue. Considering that the husband is not really properly educated, a spouse will try to change it. To quit Smoking, never drinking, among friends was "the soul of the company and is indifferent to football.

No fishing and football!

When the wife does not let go of a loved with friends on fishing or football, she doesn't even suspect that encroach on the most sacred in the life of their men: the right to live their own lives. Spending time like he used to do sometimes.

The irrepressible jealousy

And the wife may begin to constantly monitor my own husband. To view the correspondence, a contact list in the phone book, constantly calling him when he isn't home. This behavior will tire even the most loving person.

But the climax of this error is home hysterical wife. My husband came home from work, hungry to take their clothes off and relax. But the wife starts to ask why so long it was not, why he was so silent and not happy to see her, demand a detailed report, with whom he spent today. And if a hungry husband will be reminded of the dinner, have a tantrum.

A woman stops to look after themselves at home

She just thinks that now it is not necessary to do so. After the wedding, her husband – that's it, next. Not going anywhere. Can be home and in a Bathrobe to walk, to forget about pedicures. And for good reason. If a woman truly loves a man, she is afraid of losing him. And so every day living with your beloved, as if it were the last day. Saves him, admires him, dressed as he likes.

She always blames the husband for a small salary

Another serious mistake that can make wife begin to accuse her husband that he earns little. There are many reasons because of which wife fails to immediately earn enough money for a comfortable life. If a man tries to find himself, constantly tries to "break up", there is nothing more painful in this moment, than the reproaches of his wife.