With age the facial muscles lose their tone and fall. Wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes to give the woman a tired look. To get rid of this problem will help charging for the elasticity of the eyelids.

Warm-up and end of a set

Before exercises and after you need to relax your eyelids. This will help simple steps.

For 10 seconds to blink rapidly, making sure forehead not wrinkling. Then with the strength his eyes bulge, trying to roll out eyeballs out. While eyebrows do not have to sit up to avoid wrinkles on forehead.

The last exercise is a relaxing massage. Within 30 seconds you must gently Pat with fingertips at the top of the eyebrows, corners of the eyes to the zygomatic bone. Preferably, the hand was warm.

The main complex

Performing hasbinding eyeshadow, apply to fingertips moisturizer and gently RUB it.

Place the bent index fingers above the eyebrows. Bent, thumbs on cheeks, rest for whiskey. Trying to raise eyebrows, fingers let it.

Put open hands on your eyebrows to the tips of the fingers close together, touch the line of the hair. Trying to wrinkle the forehead, with the power of press hands, preventing it.

Widely open your eyes, not raising his eyebrows. The index fingers put on the outer corners of the eyes, where the formation of "crow's feet". Try to lift the lower eyelid. If not, at least feel the tension in this area. Don't loosen the pressure of the fingers, or around the eye wrinkles.

Ends up charging for the elasticity of the eyelids in this exercise. Horizontally placing the index fingers on the eyebrows, close together in the tips of the nose. Eyes wide open, strong pressure of the fingers preventing the eyebrows to rise. Move your eyes from side to side until my eyes get tired. Then blinked and lie down with your eyes closed.

A full range

Exercises for upper part of the face and charging for the area around the eyes are linked, as the muscles of the forehead lift the eyelids.

Place the palm of your hand with closed fingers perpendicular to the eyebrow. Close your eyes and relax your facial muscles. With the power of closing the eyelids, at the same time firmly push hands, the muscles of the forehead.

Staying in the rest position, open your eyes. Trying to lower the eyebrows, let this force palms.

Put your index fingers on eyebrows, and large – on the drooping upper eyelids. Opening my eyes, combine it with your thumbs. This exercise simultaneously strengthens the muscles and massages the skin.

Place the index and middle fingers with the letter V. Place them in both corners of the eyes. Relax your forehead, much just squint your eyes the lower eyelid, rolling his eyes up. Hold for 30 seconds.