The perfect bait for bream does not exist, because the taste preferences of this freshwater fish is very often vary depending on a number of factors. Most often the likelihood of a bite depending on the type of water (river or zero) and the season of fishing. In practice, this statement is tested by many fishermen and it is noted that, for example, river bream sluggish response to the fertilizer, which is optimal for fishing on still water. The same applies to seasonal autumn tastes bream are slightly different from spring.

Rules of bait

Bait on bream should be aromatic, but in moderation. Too sharp smell, even if the fisherman they seem extremely "delicious" and fragrant, can scare away the fish.

Also, be aware that all the ingredients of the mixture must be thoroughly mixed and milled. This claim also exists for a reason, because it is noticed that large pieces of the same cake very quickly saturate the fish, and it, delicious "dine", then floats away, and not even try the bait.

If you want to catch big bream, the bait should not add too much "dusting" ingredients, such as cocoa or powdered milk, because they attract small fish. The presence of the same "stuff" near the desirable bait when fishing for big fish.

Breadcrumbs as one of the main ingredients of the bait, use only those that blend harmoniously with the color of the bottom of the reservoir. Thus, when fishing on the pond with light, sandy bottom it is necessary to use a wheat (light) biscuits, but if the bottom is muddy and dark, it is better to give preference to rye (dark) crackers.

Recipes for all occasions

To prepare the "right" bait for summer fishing bream on the pond with stagnant water, should be mixed thoroughly in equal proportions (approximately 300-400 g) breadcrumbs, sunflower meal, bran and cooked millet. To smell this bait, you can add half a teaspoon of ground coriander. As a binder material in order to bait not shattered on impact with the water) it is best to use ordinary clay.

Recipe of bait fishing for bream on the course similar to that described, the only difference is that instead of bran and boiled wheat, use oats and sprouted peas. Coriander when river fishing it is necessary to add more than 2-3 teaspoons.

For spring lake catching bream, it should be mixed in equal proportions (200-300 g) sunflower cake, cooked wheat and rye bran. As the Goodies in the bait, you can add 3-4 matchboxes feed bloodworms.

Fall river bream are biting well on the mixture (again, equal proportions) of breadcrumbs, sunflower oil cake and boiled rice. As additional ingredients in this bait, you can add 50 g unsalted fat and 2-3 matchboxes live maggots.