Door with the upper surface of the laminate, in other words, the laminated doors - this is the most affordable option of interior doors. Price is the main advantage of this kind of doors.

Another advantage of laminated doors is the ease.
Weight of laminated doors does not exceed 10-13 kg. This door gives a negligible load on loop. In contrast , for example, from heavy doors, which should not be left permanently in the open position, laminated door may remain in open position indefinitely.
The low weight of the door also defines a lower injury risk. The lighter the door, the less it will injure your fingers if they accidentally fall into the space between the frame and door leaf. This is especially important if you have children.

The disadvantages of laminated doors is a low wear resistance. Laminate flooring doors are not resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage. For this reason, it is impossible to wash laminated doors with the use of abrasive scouring powders, only a damp cloth with soap and water, without effort.

A significant disadvantage of laminated doors - they are afraid of oil. If you ate fried chicken or pies and then was touched by greasy hands to the door leaf, it can remain dark spots that are impossible to remove.

Laminated doors usually have a hollow core construction with cardboard filling. Therefore, the degree of insulation these doors are inferior doors made of MDF or solid wood.

Regarding the moisture resistance, the coating laminate is sufficiently moisture-proof. Laminated door can be safely put on the kitchen or bathroom.

Now some information about the products.
Door PVC coating door is significantly superior to the laminate coating on the mechanical strength, wear resistance and moisture resistance. PVC door can be safely cleaned with abrasive cleaning products. Such a door is much harder to scratch than laminate door.

PVC coating often has a beautiful dimensional texture, looks nice and modern.
But the price of the products is higher than that of laminated doors.

Doors with PVC coating can be both hollow design and solid from a sheet of MDF. This information is necessary to clarify from the seller.

Based on the foregoing information, the person facing the choice of interior doors, can make their own conclusions that will help him make the right choice.