If you are connecting to the computer player pop-up window appears "unknown device Connected", most likely, the problem lies in the drivers. Insert the CD-ROM that comes with the player, and wait for the download. Click responsible for the installation of the drivers. If the disk does not autorun menu, open the content Explorer of the operating system and locate the drivers folder, or with a similar name. Run the installation file.If for any reason the disk is missing, or there is no way to install drivers with it, launch your Internet browser and go to the official website of the manufacturer. Find it in the directory of your model player, download and install the drivers for it.In some cases, the connection may not be recognized by the system the first time. In this case, try to disconnect the player and reconnect it to the computer. It is desirable to connect the device in a disabled state and only then to press on it the power button.Another possible cause of improper operation errors can be the system driver, is responsible for the operation of USB devices. Click with the right mouse button on the icon "My computer" and select "Manage". Go to "device Manager", expand "USB Controller" and click "Update driver software".Also, the system may not recognize the player if it was the wrong file system partitioning. In this case you will need to format it. As in "My computer" it does not appear, open "device Manager", find it there and format.If you have any problems with the new player, recently bought in the store, neither of the above methods, instructions in the user manual do not work, there is a probability that the device is defective. Take receipt, warranty card, the player with the package from him and go to the place of purchase. If there is any evidence of a fault you must return the money or replace the device for the same.