Weight gain at week 12

From 12 weeks of pregnancy every seven days your weight increases by 500 grams. Pregnant women feeling good up to this point, gaining about 1.8 to 3.6 kilograms. If you have had morning sickness up to this point, you might even lose weight.

It is time to more closely follow the diet. Remember, you do not overeat. Nutritionists recommend eating more fruits, dried fruits, seafood and vegetables, forget about unhealthy food, to replenish the body with iodine and calcium. Increases the risk of constipation. Drink fresh fruit drinks, and try to exercise. Limit yourself to salty foods, otherwise your body will swell. Pastries replace with dates or a small amount of honey. Balance the meals that you and your baby had enough vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Eat only organic foods, then excessive weight gain you will have.
When buying products, attentively study packing them. They must be not only natural but also fresh.

12 weeks pregnant: fetus

The fingers on the hands and feet of your baby already separated from each other. Begin to grow the nails on his fingertips emerges skin pattern – "fingerprint." In the place of eyelashes, eyebrows, above upper lip and on the chin appear vellus hairs.

All organs continue to develop, the gut is already in the right place and periodically reduced. Thyroid and pituitary gland to produce iodine and hormones. Appear in blood leukocytes, liver produces bile. Bone tissue continues to Mature, the muscles strengthen.

Your baby weighs around 14 grams, the length of its body from the coccyx to the top is 6-9 inches. He is constantly in motion: sucks finger, tumbles, moves legs and hands.
You still can't feel movement of the baby, as he is still very small.

Feeling at 12 weeks

Bad symptoms of toxicity are with them fading emotional lability, tearfulness and irritability. If you are expecting twins, the morning sickness will torment you for a while.

You have less to go to the toilet than on the first weeks of pregnancy, as the uterus is already slightly above and ceases to exert pressure on the bladder. Increases the chest. Your body is preparing for lactation, so you can feel a slight itching on the surface of the breast.

The amount of amniotic fluid is 50 ml, the uterus increases and fills the abdominal cavity. On 12 week of pregnancy you can even feel it with your fingers. At the time of birth the uterus will contain 5-10 liters, and its weight will exceed 1 kilogram.