Usually, at the beginning of the organization of the production of a compulsory environmental risk assessment. Often performed scientific research that combines the study of scientific predictions and the actual facts.

Rules of acceptable environmental risk

At carrying out of ecological risks should take into account certain rules of acceptable environmental risk. These include:
-the inevitable loss of the natural environment;
-minimum of losses in the natural environment;
-the probability of recovery of losses to the environment;
-the comparability of economic effect from implementation of the project with the environmental harm.
By the way environmental risk is not always most dangerous to human life. There are other risks of harm to health.

Classification of environmental risks

There are five main types of environmental risks. Subject to an individual environmental risk can be considered human. It was his sources of life and are sources of risks. As a result of individual environmental risk can be caused by death or disability.

Subject to technical risk should be called all sorts of technical systems and objects. Very often it is the imperfection of technology and leads to accidents and disasters. Violation of the rules of operation of such facilities will necessarily lead to negative consequences. Often environmental are the subject of environmental risk. Source of environmental risk can be called the human intervention in the environment.

Under the subject of social environmental risk refers to the established social group. Accordingly, the source is the lower quality of life and some emergency situation. As a result, in a social group can be extremely undesirable events. Refers to diseases and injuries group.

The subject of environmental risk are often and material resources. Economic risk determines the probability of increasing costs of security and environmental damage from insufficient security.

In fact, the work on environmental risk assessment involves a discussion of the possible environmental damage and any economic loss as a result of certain events. This is a very serious research work, which can only be performed by environmental professionals.