You will need
  • - beads
  • - wire of 2 types
  • the gypsum
  • - capacity or a stone for foundations
The first thing you will need to select the beads, the amount of not less than 300 gr. Color doesn't matter much. Realistic tree that will reproduce the area of the landscape is made of shades of green. Can also be used all the shades from white and brown to dark brown, if wood, by the author, covered with snow and covered with ice and frost, or the leaves on it bought the autumn color of yellow, brown, red. And fancy plant can have leaves and blue and blue and lilac color, and match all of these colors on the same branch. But the composition must first be thought out, because if you just take a mixture of beads, beautiful result might not happen. If you plan to use multiple colors, you need to choose the ones that look perfectly, complementing each other or contrasting.
The wood frame consists of various size wire. To use thick trunk, and branches take much thinner. Markings depending on manufacturer is different, so it is best to choose the wire, trying to twist her hands. If it is not so difficult and the wire looks too thin and fragile, it is suitable for weaving. Special beading wire are from different manufacturers, but it is all a bit different in quality, so it's best to try a few items, staying in the end a most convenient. Wire for the leaves and trunk also can be removed from old wiring, removing them from the isolation of special pliers.
Begin to weave a tree with its leaves that develop into branches. The main process in the manufacture of bead bonsai and longest. Besides, the first time it is difficult to adequately assess the number of beads and size of a tree. After seeing what happened in the end of the branches, it will be easier to plan the size and length of the barrel. Techniques for making beaded leaves many, but bead trees mostly use looped. This technique consists in stringing a length of wire a predetermined number of beads (usually no more than 10-15, but depending on the size of the bead number may be less or more). The free ends of the wire are brought together and are twisted. Of several such leaves, about 20-30, twisted branch. The leaves can be positioned together, forming a ball, or to alternate depending on the plan.
The branches are a thick wire stem, securing them with wire, thread or floral tape. The trunk is bent so that it resembled a tree, and fixed on a stand. You can glue the barrel to steady a large stone, simulating further the exposed roots on which the tree rests a stone. You can put the barrel in a flat ceramic or even plastic dish, and then pour the plaster or cement. In order to make the wire look like a tree trunk, there are several ways. The easiest use of several layers of floral tape desired color. But it is used mainly for the manufacture of flowers, and therefore not very well mimics the texture of bark. Sometimes the trunk is wrapped with bandages impregnated with plaster. On prosective material mimic the bark and then paint in a suitable color. Suitable for this purpose and any solid self-solidifying the mass.