Horsemeat is a common dish for nomads. This meat is little that is always "at hand", in a cured form it is very convenient to store. Traditionally nomadic peoples, horse sausage (ham or sausages) is a frequent guest on national celebrations. And daily diet is not without her unusual taste horse meat is added while cooking in each dish.

Horse sausage: types and food from it

On the shelves of Russian horse sausage can be presented in several different ways.

Mahan – dry cured sausage, cook it with meat and fat of horse meat with added salt, sugar and spices. Mahan dense, because when serving, it is cut very thin slices.

Kazi – the sausage, which as the main ingredient fatty meat horse meat from the ribs of the carcass. It is not crushed, and the shape of final product is very varied, sometimes pretentious. After cooking goat meat is not only smoked, but smoked, boiled and fried.

Sujuk – a cross between the machne and Kazi. This sausage is prepared from minced meat and thermally processed in the same way as Kazi. Besides, sujuk, besides salt, seasoned with aromatic herbs.

All horse sausage looks very unusual and attractive, serve them as a snack, and boiled and fried pieces added to main dishes. Unusual taste will sparkle soup cooked with slices of horse sausage, a risotto or a stew with goat meat or Suzuka able to surprise and please the spoiled delicacies gourmet.

Skewers of horse sausages will add zest to recreation, but to overdo its use is not recommended – too rich and exotic horse meat.

The most dangerous kind of dishes the horse sausage, but no less loved by the fans of raw meat is steak tartare. Ground into minced meat seasoned with sauce and spices and served with a raw egg.

The use of horse sausage

First of all, horse sausage will be attributed to products is the best choice for Allergy sufferers – it has negligible allergenic amino acids.

The second positive feature of sausage made from horse meat – low in fat. This refers to those types of horse sausage that does not contain in its composition of horse fat and meat made from the rib of the animal. Water in the composition of such a lot of meat, which in total makes sausage easy-to-digest and low-calorie.

Even if the sausage contains fat, it is very different from pork. It is much less cholesterol, and on the properties it is more like vegetable oil than animal – that's the third plus.

And last, delicious horse sausage can raise blood pressure in hypotensive, vitamins and amino acids, which is composed of horse meat, normalize metabolism.