Mercury vapors are able to affect the human nervous system, disrupt the work of his kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract. In severe cases, develop pneumonia ending in death. Therefore, if crashed thermometer, you need to immediately by phone to turn to professionals - to the Ministry, where he will talk about further action, or to the hospital. If the thermometer broke, and to consult is not possible, you need to act independently. The main thing here – do not panic!
First, in the apartment where I crashed a thermometer, you need to create access to fresh air. The drafts have not recommended because mercury beads can scatter throughout the apartment. Secondly, it is necessary to put hands on the whole rubber gloves. This must be done in order to avoid direct skin contact with the liquid metal. Third, the fragments of broken thermometers collected in a glass container (e.g. a jar) filled with cold water. This is necessary in order to prevent the evaporation of toxic mercury. After collecting the shards of capacity you tightly close the lid.
If the floor of the apartment there are little bits of thermometer, they are encouraged to collect with the help of a band-aid, Scotch tape, duct tape, wet newspaper, rubber bulb, syringe, etc. the Main thing – not to touch them with your hands because small particles can break off the glove, resulting in contact of the skin with mercury. A container of collected shards thermometer is required to transfer to the Ministry. Fourth, should, without delay, to start collecting mercury beads. Experts recommend the use of sulphur: mercury balls, sprinkled with this substance, be non-toxic and nonvolatile. It is convenient to collect the mercury pea with rolling them on a piece of paper with a brush or another piece of paper.
For mercury hard to reach places you can use a cotton swab dipped in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. After collecting the mercury is carefully stored in a glass container filled with cold water (or solution of potassium permanganate). Fifthly, it is necessary to make a thorough cleaning of the entire premises. All Windows should be open: the apartment must be well ventilated. The place where crashed the thermometer, is processed by soap-soda or bleach solution. Before the arrival of specialists service emergency glass container with the fragments of the thermometer and with the remnants of mercury need to be put on the balcony. This will reduce the release of toxic substances.
And finally, the final step in the elimination of the consequences of a broken thermometer is disinfected. It is necessary to seek the assistance of specialists or emergency doctors. As prevention it is necessary to use a large number of diuretic drinks, allowing potential mercury pairs faster excreted from the body.