Application in medicine

Ammonia is used in fainting. Its pungent smell excites the centers of breathing and outputs it from the unconscious state. To assist the victim to moisten a small cotton ball in ammonia and hold it for a second to his nose.

In cases where you need to induce vomiting, it is taken orally. Remember that the ammonia must be diluted, otherwise it will cause burns to the esophagus and stomach. The optimal concentration of the solution to 10 drops per 100 ml of water.

Ammonia is very effective as an antiseptic. No wonder it is used by surgeons to disinfect hands before surgery. It is contraindicated in various diseases of the skin, such as dermatitis, eczema and others.

Ammonia is often used to treat frequent sneezing. In people, this tool is called "snuff". For its production need to take a bottle with a volume of 200 ml and pour back ammonia and a little sunflower oil. It has a lower density, so will always be on top. Oil is needed to ensure that the alcohol does not evaporate. The bottle is shaken, bring to each nostril and inhale. For greater efficiency the "free" nostril it is advisable to push with your finger. The number and depth of breaths increase gradually depending on the development of a cold. No need for the first time to deeply inhale the vapors of alcohol, otherwise you may experience severe dizziness and headaches.

The use of the farm

Ammonia is able to clean almost all surfaces in the house. He is very cheap and you can buy it at any pharmacy. Is it worth it now to spend money on expensive detergents?

Ammonia solution is perfect for cleaning Windows. To prepare it, mix a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol with one liter of water. Detergent ready. Very convenient to use it in the sprayer for the water. After spraying, wipe the window with newspaper or a dry cloth.

Housewives know how hard it is to clean suede things. A solution of ammonia will perfectly cope with such contamination. For its preparation you need to take 1 part alcohol and 4 parts water. Soak in it a cotton swab and treat them suede. Then wipe the surface with cotton wool soaked in water with the addition of a small amount of vinegar.

To give its former luster to silver jewelry and Cutlery you can, if you put them in a jar with a solution of ammonia (1 part of alcohol mixed with 4 parts water) and leave for 2 hours. Then wipe them with a soft cloth.