You will need
  • - the tape;
  • - a large sheet of paper;
  • pencil;
  • - the range;
  • - a pair of scissors.
men's trousers" class="colorbox imagefield imagefield-imagelink" rel="gallery-step-images"> For the construction of the pattern men's trousers you need to take your measurements: the length of pants, length pants, knee-length, step length, waist and hips.
Draw a straight angle in the upper left corner of a sheet of paper, its top mark with the letter T. move from point T down measure the length of pants, place the H-point.
For registration line step put down from T half of thigh circumference plus 2 cm, mark point Y. If the bottom up from the point N we can measure the stride length, it must coincide with the point J.
Next, draw a line knee. To do this put down from point T measure the length of your pants to the knee and put a point K.
To design the waist line swipe to the right from point T to the line where you set aside half of the waist circumference plus 6cm for the crease, label the resulting point T1.
From the point I swipe to the right line where you set aside half of the measurements of poluobhvat hips (50 : 2 = 25 cm), put the point H1. Connect a straight line to the points H1 and T1. Thus, you will build the width of the front halves of trousers.
In order to make the width of the step, aside from the point H1 to the right 1/10 of poluobhvat hips plus 0.5 cm, mark point H2. Put up from the point H1 7.5 cm and place the point of H4. Connect a straight line to the point H4, H2 . Next, divide this line in half, point indicate the letter (it is a control for patches of the fly). Connect by a curve the points H2 and H4.
Swipe to the right from a point To a straight line where you set aside 30 cm (for all sizes) mark a point K1.Do the same bottom line. Connect the point with the points H1 H2 and K1 .
For the design side of the cut front halves of trousers put right point To 1 cm mark point of K2. Plot a line between K2 and Y. From the point N to the right put a 2 cm point mark H2. Connect the straight line of a point of H2 and K2.
Cut ЯЯ2 divide in half and put a dot Я3. From this point, swipe up direct to the intersection with the waist line, the resulting point label T2. From the point Я3 swipe down the line, the point of intersection with a line knee mark K3 with the bottom line is — N3.
For registration line the bottom aside from the point H3 up 1 cm, draw a straight to the points N, N1.
To build a line of side pocket, move from point T down 4 cm (point a). Put down from the point And the width of the pocket 18 to 20 cm (point A1). Connect these points with a smooth line.
Next, proceed to creation of the drawing pattern back half of men's trousers, lay to the right of the point H2 1/8 part of poluobhvat hips plus 4 cm (point AM5 ).
Swipe up from the point T2 to the line where you put 1/10 of poluobhvat hips (point T3). From her swipe to the right line where you put 6 cm (the size is the same for all sizes), mark point letter T4. From the point H1 postpone 7.5 cm up, put a point AM6. Connect a smooth line point T4 , AM6, AM5 . Thus the contour of the rear dampers.
Next, put the right from point K1 4 cm (point K4 ). But from the point H1 to 4 cm to the right (point N4). Connect the dots H4, K4 AM5 and direct. So you have a loop stepper line of the rear halves of the men's trousers.
To design the waist line guide from the point T3 to the left sloping line, which must pass through the point T in the drawing, the front halves of trousers. It set aside a half-poluobhvat waist (point T5). Connect the dots T5, K2 and H2 — you will get the side contour of the rear halves of the pants.
To get the tuck, put the right 10 cm from the point T5 , build the closed tuck with the depth of 3 cm and height 10 cm.
For the lower line of the rear halves of the pants put down from a point H3 1 cm (point D5). Connect the dots of H2, H5 and H4 . Pattern-a classic men's trousers ready. Copy the drawings of the front and rear halves on separate sheets and cut out. you can start cutting on the fabric.