Smoked sausage is the generalized name for a vast group of sausages, a common feature of which is that in the manufacturing process they undergo the procedure of Smoking. This procedure, in turn, represents the processing of the product of smoke produced from a special fuel raw materials, in which the sausage products acquire a specific aroma and special properties allowing them to be stored longer in comparison with the untreated products.

Cooked-smoked sausages

One category of sausages that are related to the category of smoked - cooked-smoked sausages. As the name suggests this category, the products belonging to it, is subjected to double processing: it is first boiled and then smoked. For example, this category includes various types of sausage - "Granular", "Moscow" and others.

The result of this treatment, boiled-smoked sausages acquire the ability to be stored without refrigeration, i.e., at room temperature, for up to three days. If such a sausage stored in the refrigerator, its shelf life when opened the package is increased to 15 days. Sealed sausage, if it is in a vacuum pack or a special gas environment, you can store up to 25 days.

Smoked sausages

The procedure for the preparation of semi-smoked sausages is more complicated: they are first subjected to roasting, then cooking and later Smoking. However, during this treatment, the time of Smoking these sausages is somewhat lower than in the preparation of cooked-smoked sausages, and the smoke flavor happens in the end less pronounced. The period of storage of such sausages the same boiled-smoked sausages: not more than 3 days at room temperature, not more than 15 days in the refrigerator in sealed packages of not more than 25 days in the fridge sealed.

Smoked sausage

Smoked sausage is significantly different from the previous two groups by the method of preparation. So, if in the manufacture of boiled-smoked and semi-smoked sausages used hot treatment of the product of smoke, cooking smoked sausage involves prolonged treatment at temperatures not exceeding 25 degrees. The whole process usually takes at least a month, with the result that the finished product loses a significant part of the moisture and fermented.

Due to this, the storage time of sausage sausages are much longer in comparison with other groups of articles smoked. Open package of smoked sausage can be stored in the refrigerator for months. In a sealed form the shelf life is considerably longer: for example, manufacturers usually recommend to use it for four months, but in practice, while maintaining a temperature of about +4° and normal humidity, the shelf life in the fridge is practically unlimited.