Fresh juices, although very useful, can present certain health threats. That is why many experts suggest to dilute fresh juices with water or other juices.

Dangerous than fresh?

First of all, fresh citrus juices contain huge amounts of acids that can have a negative impact on the condition of the stomach and liver. But if there is no specific contraindications, then to dilute these juices with water is not required. A good mix is considered to be a citrus juice and fruit juice rich in fiber (e.g. Apple or pear). And grapefruit it is recommended to dilute orange, so the concentration was optimal for the body.

Second, some freshly squeezed juices produce a laxative effect. For example, beet juice undiluted product may cause strong diarrhea. Undiluted pomegranate juice is not only laxative, but also a quick way to destroy the enamel of the teeth. In view of the strong concentration of the juice drink only diluted with water.

Thirdly, people with various chronic diseases is contraindicated in some kinds of juices. For example, patients with diabetes absolutely can not drink drink grape fruit juice undiluted. It is not recommended to drink Apple and cabbage juice with acute gastritis and pancreatitis, ulcerative disease.

How to dilute and what

Apple juice from the green varieties it is recommended to dilute with water in ratio 1:1. Allowed to mix freshly squeezed Apple juice from red grapes with peach or apricot juice. This combination is optimal for perception, not only for the stomach but for the tooth enamel.

Carrot juice is not diluted with water. It is usually mixed with other fruit or vegetable juices. For example, with Apple or pumpkin juice. Not recommended often use carrot juice in its pure form because it produces a laxative effect and frequent use can affect the skin color and tooth enamel.

Cabbage juice diluted with water before use, in combination of two parts juice to one part water. Mixing is required only warm boiled water. Pumpkin fresh-squeezed juice with pulp is often diluted with water or another juice. For example, Apple or carrot.

To fruit or vegetable juices been more valuable, it is advisable to mix them with each other, or diluted with water. Fruit juice with pulp is rarely diluted with water, as the pulp is well envelops the walls of the stomach, protecting it from acids.