Today it is not necessary to stand in line behind the car of a few years, and then five. There is money – go to the salon or the market, choose the model of the machine. You immediately will draw, put on the account, get the insurance. And in light of recent developments in legislation, the license plate and does not need to be changed, they can be transferred from one owner to another.

But what kind of car is best to buy if his three hundred thousand? A considerable sum of money, enough to buy a new car or a used. Moreover, the equipment may be both basic and luxury. It all depends on the specific model and manufacturer.

The primary market

In this case, the choice is not so great, because for three hundred thousand can buy cars produced on the territory of Russia and CIS countries. This Daewoo Matiz minicar, which, despite their ridiculous size, very roomy, the passenger in the front seat and the driver will be very comfortable no matter what their height. As for the passengers in the rear seats, they will be cramped. But the completing implies the existence of the conditioning, which is very useful for the southern regions, as well as steering wheel.

You can also buy such cars as the Renault Logan, Kia Spectra, Chevrolet Lanos. It will be much poorer in the summer will be tough without air conditioning, but the rest of the machine will be pretty high quality. The famous Daewoo Nexia, which is slightly more than three hundred thousand, will also be enjoyed by motorists. A quality and inexpensive car that is designed for Russian roads. Everything else, the body design on the latest Nexia has changed for the better.

Of the domestic automobile industry to look at models such as the Kalina and Priora. However, they have a minus – not enough space for passengers in the cabin. But true patriots that will not confuse at all, especially those who recently went on a classic Vase. They remember how the knees hit the steering wheel. However, the complete set of priors and Viburnum will be minimal.

Secondary market

Here the choice is richer, you can buy a good Japanese or German car. For example, Mitsubishi Colt, Opel Vita, Chevrolet Lacetti and Aveo. Colt and Vita will be, most likely, with the right wheel, but if you search properly, you can find left-handed. Fortunately, the choice today is very rich, and the left-hand drive is much safer in operation, as the visibility is good. The age of German and Japanese, however, will be about 10 years.

As for the Aveo and the Lacetti, they can be attributed to luxury products companies. Rich equipment, high opportunities, informative steering wheel and dashboard. Seats in cars a lot, the quality is high, only the age will be not less than 3-5 years. On the other hand, it's not a very long time, so you can still safely ride a couple of years, only by changing the consumables on time.