Color change using the top menu

Every time the user opens the program, in addition to the main fields intended for typing at the top of the page, he sees an extensive menu allowing to perform all the basic operations most conveniently and quickly. This also applies to the operation of the highlighter.

To change the font color, you need in the top menu select the tab "Home" - usually it opens by default when you open the program. All menu this tab is divided into several blocks, the contents of which are indicated at the bottom of each block.

To highlight text color should pay attention to the second left block, labeled "Font". This block is the symbol of the letter "A" which is a reference to change menu colors. Clicking on a letter, the user causes loss of the tab with the palette of colors that it can use to recruit his text.

It is important to keep in mind that you can change the color in several ways. First, you can change the color of text already typed: for this you need hold down the left mouse button to highlight the desired text, and then in the above menu to choose the color that you want to make the selection.

In addition, you can put the task of the program, immediately type the text in the desired color. To this end, before the set, you can choose the desired color using a considered menu, and all the words in the future will be exactly this color. Do not forget the same way to get the black color of the text after the need for words the color will disappear.

Change colors using the menu mouse

The second way to change the color of the font involves the use of a mouse. Some users claim that it is much easier, however, consensus on this subject does not exist. It should be borne in mind that the use of the mouse, as in the case of the top menu, allows you to change the color of already typed text, and to apply color adjustments to a future text.

In order to do this, click the right mouse button. This action will bring up a menu where you can select "Font". This choice will lead to the loss of the tabs, which is very like a similar tab if you are using the top menu. However, it contains more options of font changes grouped in a single menu, so the user needs to focus on changing the color.

This can be done by selecting the desired shade from the palette. The result is the selected text or the text that you type after this will have exactly the same color.