Soil for Calla consists of turf and leaf soil, sand and peat. You can add one tablespoon of super-phosphate in 3 l of a mixture. These plants do not tolerate too close a dish, they may not bloom. However, large pots aren't suitable for them, in this case, all the power plants go on the formation of the root system.
If desired, during the transplant you can propagate the plant by dividing the tuber, it can be done once in 3-4 years. Tubers it is better to gently break, not cut with a knife. Make sure that each part remained at least one kidney. Scrapped immediately sprinkle the charcoal or treated with brilliant green. Sometimes when transplanting the tubers of the Calla lilies themselves are breaking or parts thereof remain in the soil.
It is recommended to place the tubers for 2-3 hours in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, it will help to prevent decay and provide protection from pests. Often after soaking the detected latent defects in the dried areas after mechanical damage or rot. Damaged areas need scraping with a knife and treated with brilliant green.
Divided part of the tuber left to dry for 3-4 days, only then start planting. They are placed to a depth of about 10 cm, if the piece is small, then well make not more than 5 cm smaller landing will lead to shattering of leaves. The first time you should try not waterlogged substrate. When the first sprouts, you go to the usual watering.
Transplant white Calla lilies is carried out in mid-July. Earthen knock out pot, and the plant clean of leaves and place in a pot with the new substrate, trying not much to bury. Then kallu leave on the windowsill. First, it is watered moderately, and after 2-3 weeks move to more frequent and abundant watering. In autumn the pot should be placed as close as possible to the light.
To transplant colored Callas proceed only in the case when the plant is severely Agustinos. It is beaten out from the pot, and then stored in a warm, dry place for one month. The temperature is maintained at about +25 ° C or higher, under these conditions, is the ripening of the tubers.
After a month colored Calla placed in a cool place where the plant is throughout the winter. In March it is planted in the same pot, but use freshly prepared soil. After the transplant, the Calle you need to put in a Sunny place, after which you can proceed to a regular abundant watering.