Advice 1: How to grow an olive tree

The homeland of olive tree is considered to be South – Central Asia, Greece and Africa. But many Amateur growers grow at home olive, it is an evergreen plant that is attractive for its leaves with grey bloom. The olive tree blooms with small white flowers, emitting an unforgettable fragrance. So how do you grow an olive tree?
How to grow an olive tree
To plant an olive tree by using seeds or cuttings imported from southern countries. Before planting, soak the seeds in alkali solution 10% (caustic soda) 16-18 hours, then thoroughly rinse and trim the nose bone shears. Plant seeds in prepared pots at a depth of two to three centimeters. Olives grow well in almost any breathable and moisture soil. Add the soil mixture a bit of charcoal and broken brick. The first sprouts will appear only after two to three months.
The olive tree loves heat and sun, tolerates heat up to forty degrees. Take out the summer container plant outdoors in the garden or open veranda. In winter keep the tree in a bright, but cool room, where the temperature should be 10-12 degrees.
In summer, ensure the plant is regular, but not abundant watering. In winter, the olive tree should be watered infrequently, try not to allow drying earthen coma. Olive wood is highly responsive to fertilizer with high nitrogen content, which should be done two to three times per month, starting in April and ending in late September. This causes the plant to an earlier laying of the kidneys.
During the first five years of life of the olive tree, re-pot it once a year in early spring and replace the top layer of soil (2-3 cm) on a more recent and fertile. Transplant then reduce to once every three years, the old tree – every five years.
Growing indoors olive tree is periodically cut off, thus removing the sick and weak branches. As the plant during the growing season gives good gains, do rejuvenation pruning. Long branches shorten, leave five pairs of leaves. You can safely shape the crown of a tree according to your taste and discretion.

Advice 2: How to grow oak in the home

Oak is considered the king among trees, because the age of an individual tree can reach several hundreds of years and its trunk can not afford to cover hands even an adult. Since you planted the oak will outlive you and your descendants, it should be planted in a place in which no oak tree there will be nothing to interfere, or he will not be a hindrance to anyone. Seedling oak to really grow in home conditions.
In the spring under the tree can be found already germinated acorns
You will need
  • - acorn
  • - deep pot
  • - forest soil
Oaktype acorns can be collected in autumn or spring. Both the time of year is good in this respect on its own. Fall under any oak you will find so many acorns that they can grow a whole grove. However, not all of them will be of good quality, germination, they may be even below 10%. The overwintered acorns, especially those after the snow hatch sprouts, sprout with a probability of 80-90%, but to find them will be not so easy. Most of them will die in the snow or be eaten by rodents.
But, if you found this hatched acorn, you're in luck. Type in a deep bucket of forest soil mixed with remnants of last year's leaves, place the acorn horizontally on the ground, lightly sprinkle it liberally pour and be patient. Oak is always first develops the root system and only then releases the outer blade. The wait can take up to 1,5-2 months. Not raskatyvaete earth to see what was going on with acorn. To worry less, put 3-4 acorn. One of them always comes up.
Do not let the soil dry out, but do not pour the sprouts to prevent them from rotting. To keep the oak house can be up to two years of age, after which it should be transplanted to a permanent place. Do not worry if the seedling after planting defoliation. The young tree has yet to adapt to the natural climatic conditions. But oaks are hardy and pretty soon they will have new crown.
If you want to make change less painful, unable for one year to leave the tree in the pot, but put it outside to oak had a good experience.
If the young plant was struck by powdery mildew, spray the foliage with 1% solution of copper sulfate.
Useful advice
They say that oak trees are very sociable and grow better, if they kept talking. In addition, they have strong energy and can donate its strength, helping in combating diseases. You only need to touch the trunk and tell him about their troubles.

Advice 3: Mushrooms: how to grow them at home

Mushroom cultivation is not only interesting, but also quite profitable. Mushrooms grow well in greenhouse conditions and give a higher yield throughout the year, if the room temperature remains zero.
Mushrooms: how to grow them at home
Prepare the soil in the greenhouse for sowing. If you have barren land, then bring part of the soil from the forest and pour it on top of one that is. And also add a little sawdust or last year's leaves. Warm the greenhouse up to 20-22 degrees, and can be a little less. If it is cold, the mushrooms will not sprout.
Buy mycelium (spores). It is sold in specialized stores. If you have not found the seeds of mushrooms, you buy several kilograms fungi. Chop them and cover with water whose temperature is about 35 degrees. Leave for a day, then strain through a colander with large mesh. All disputes, out of which grow the mushrooms will stay in the water.
Pour the mushroom soil "infusion". On top lightly sprinkle the earth. Cover landing cellophane. After 3-4 days, pour the landing. Young mushrooms you will see in about 1-2 weeks. If you purchased the mycelium, then evenly scatter it over the entire surface of the earth. Not to sow too rarely part of the spores will not germinate.
As soon as the mushrooms sprout, begin to water them daily. Try not to fill the soil with water, the root system rots.
Collect mushrooms as their growth. Watch that they do not become overripe. If germination is not very much, and you want to get a larger harvest, leave a few mushrooms that will not be collected. Disputes of them fall into the ground and soon germinate. Usually in the first year the harvest is small, but gradually increasing.
If you have a heated greenhouse, grow mushrooms home in plastic boxes or in the underground. Of course, the harvest will be small, but for cooking it will be enough.
When the mushrooms do not grow, you should look for the cause. It can be as low soil fertility and lack of moisture. Also pay attention to the temperature in the room.

Advice 4: How to grow garlic at home

Garlic is a vegetable crop that has many beneficial properties: it is widely used in cooking, folk medicine and even cosmetology. But to get at home a rich harvest garlic, you need to know how to care for this garden culture.
How to grow garlic at home
At home grown 2 types of garlic: winter and spring. Winter garlic planted in the fall (September or October), he is actively growing in spring and summer harvested his crop. This is usually stored garlic until February. Spring garlic planting in spring and harvest it harvested in the fall.

Planting garlic

Seed is recommended to hold for 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator. Before planting garlic dipped in a weak solution of potassium permanganate (1 g per 1 liter of water) or salt solution (7-8 liters of water will need 3 tablespoons of salt). And for 8-10 hours before planting, the bulbs of the garlic is heated in a well-ventilated area at a temperature of 40 - 41os.
The garlic cannot be planted on low-lying soils where spring can accumulate melt-water, and at higher elevations, where in winter a strong wind blows the snow, causing the probability of freezing garlic.

For the selected for planting garlic a plot of ground digging at the level of bayonet spade, after which the soil is spread. The station limit boards: so necessary for the growth of garlic moisture is better preserved. Then fumigating the soil: cultivate the land brine (on 9-10 l of water take 3 tbsp. of salt).

Heads garlic, separated into cloves, then each clove is inserted into the ground at a distance of 8-10 cm from each other. Cover the patch with sand or sawdust. Pour the garlic and sprinkle the ground (if the garlic is planted in the spring, it is not necessary to do so). The depth of planting of spring garlic 4-6 cm, winter – 8-9 cm

Particularly care for garlic

Garlic is recommended to use mineral and organic fertilizers. The land on which the garlic was planted in the fall, fertilize with compost or humus (flow rate: 6-7 kg per 1 sq. m). But don't fertilize the plant with fresh manure, because this food will lead to strong growth, vegetative parts and yield decrease. In addition, garlic is responsive to potash and phosphate fertilizers: these items increase the hardiness of the plant. In the spring, after the emergence of the first seedling with soil fed mineral fertilizer: for the treatment plots of 10 sq m, you will need 90-100 g superphosphate, 60 g of ammonium nitrate and 55-60 grams of potassium sulphate. The second spring feeding performed 30 days after the first (the dosage is the same).
Signs of maturity of the garlic formed a dense shell around the head, yellow leaves.

Although garlic does not tolerate waterlogged, during the growing season it must be constantly watered. The plant is watered once a week with the impregnation of the soil to a depth of 30 cm For 27 to 30 days before harvest stop watering.

Advice 5: What do dreams about flowering trees

Dreams with flowering trees may have quite different values. Trying to interpret such dreams, you need to pay attention to all the smallest of their details. Any detail from which they are formed, can play in the interpretation of a crucial role.
Flowering trees in a dream is almost always a good sign!

What dreams flowering tree? General interpretation

Such a dream could mean success, wealth and happiness in the near future. Fruits that may be in these trees symbolize the imminent addition to the family. Some commentators believe that the flowering trees in dreams can speak to the dreamer about any friendship and romantic feelings on his part towards a particular person. If you dream of blooming Magnolia, then soon you get some good news.

What is the meaning of flowering trees in a dream? Intimate dream

The authors of this dream are sure that flowering trees with green and the young leaves symbolize the imminent realisation of the most secret desires of the owner of the dream. The commentators promise that the dreamer will experience some completely new feelings and sensations that can awaken passion and an added incentive to life.

If the dream like a beautiful flowering tree suddenly suddenly began to turn yellow and fall off, the reality is likely coming breakup of a love relationship. Perhaps sex and love in General will recede into the background, and the dreamer will be plunged into a professional activity.

What dreams blossoming tree on the moon dream?

According to this dream book, a flowering tree promises in the near future financial gain. If the tree in the dream, first blooms, and then somehow fade, and reality of the dreamer lurk losses, gossip, betrayal and deception. Flowering trees with luxuriant foliage is a sign of imminent good luck and happiness. The fact that magnificent crown of a flowering tree almost always symbolizes making big profits. If watching the flowering tree in dream, to see the leaves growing, then success will not keep itself waiting long and will bring the dreamer justifiable satisfaction.

Flowering trees in the dream of Juno

To dream of a sprawling and lush flowering trees that soon the whole family will gather together for some reason. The occasion promises to be good. Climbing flowering trees in a dream – to profit, success and well-being. However, if tree branches become dry and broken, "the road to El Dorado" will be difficult and thorny!

Collect in a dream any fruits from flowering trees – profit, or for material profit or on any of their actions. According to the book of dreams Juno, if these fruits are smooth and flat, all that was intended by the dreamer, will take place smoothly and without any flaws, and if they are rotten and worm-eaten, the reality of something may not go as originally intended.
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