Soil preparation

In the cultivation of eggplants, you need to pay greater attention to the structure and nutrition of soil. To achieve good growth, sustainable development and high yields are possible only if the seedlings of eggplant were planted on light fertile soils.

Preparation of beds for cultivation is subject to the following requirements. In loamy or clay soil you need to make various additives (about half a bucket of wood polupereprevshie sawdust, manure bucket, bucket of sand and two buckets of peat moss for every square meter).

In peat soil, you should add one bucket of sod soil, humus and sand in every square meter.

In sandy soil you need to make a mixture of three buckets of clay soil, two buckets of compost and peat and one bucket of sawdust.

Also, you need to make every square meter tablespoon of superphosphate, a tablespoon of sulphate of potash, wood ash in the amount of two cups and a teaspoon of urea. Adding fresh manure when planting seedlings of eggplant is highly undesirable.

After supplements made, the soil is carefully dug up to level the surface of the beds, and slightly compacted. Before landing to make holes with a depth of about 13-15 cm


Planting eggplants in the garden is performed in two rows, distance between rows is approximately 50-60 cm, the distance between seedlings in the rows should be about 40-45 cm

Immediately before planting should be pour into the hole half a liter of pre-heated solution of mullein (half a liter of concentrated mullein to ten litres of water).

When removing the seedlings of eggplant of cups you should try to avoid the destruction of earth coma and damage to delicate root system. Seedlings of eggplant should be focused roots to the South, to provide them with a good warm-up for the day in the sun. Then planting eggplant should be watered with plenty of warm water and sprinkle sand or slightly preporuciti dry land.

To achieve the best rooting, planting of plants is usually performed in the evening and in the morning lay them hat paper to protect from cold wind and direct sunlight. To ensure the necessary and uniform soil between the rows of plantings can be covered with a special black film.