The content of precious metals in electronic components differed depending on their purpose and type. As a rule, a relatively large amount of used platinum, palladium, gold and silver. And as a rule, these elements are only in older (especially Soviet) electronic components. In the modern precious metals usually do not exist.

Below is a detailed list of electronic components with specific names, which are relatively rich in precious materials.

Radio with the content of platinum and palladium

Typically, these metals are contained in the details of a relatively simple design - condensers, resistors, switches, connectors.


IT-3 IT-2 IT-1; K52-7, K52-1; K10-23, K10-17, KM-6, KM-5, KM-4, KM-3; tube condensers ET; CT; K53-30, K53-28, K53-25, K53-22, K53-18, K53-17, K53-16, K53-15, K53-10, K53-7, K53-6, K53-1, and all capacitors manufactured in the factories of socialist Bulgaria.


PTP-2, PTP-1; BPP-6, BPP-2; PP3-47, PP3-45, PP3-44, PP3-43, PP3-41, PP3-40; PPML, PPML-M, PPML, PPML-MI; SPC-4, KSP-1; KSD-1; SIC-1; CP-47; CPR-1; CP-1; EFFICIENCY 1; RS; SP5-44, SP5-39, SP5-37, SP5-24, SP5-22, SP5-21, SP5-20, SP5-18, SP5-17, SP5-16, SP5-15, SP5-14, SP5-4, SP5-3, SP5-2, SP5-1; CP3-44 AND CP3-39 (86 g); JS3-19.


VD; v3-22; МП7Ш; П1Т3-1B; П1Т4; П23Г; ПГ2-10, ПГ2-7, ПГ2-6, ПГ2-5; ПГ43; PKN-8; ПП8-6; ППК2; ППК3; WP2-10; ПТ6-11V; PT-8; ПТ9-1; ПТ13-1; ПТ19-1B; ПТ23-1; ПТ25-1; ПТ33-26; PT-57; TV, TV1.


ГРППМ7-90Ш, ГРППМ7-90Ш; СНП59-96Р, СНП59-64V; RPG 2-48.

Radio gold grade

The gold is contained in large amounts in sophisticated electronic components. Mostly, of course, in the details of the Soviet period, however, imported components, gold is also present, but in relatively small quantities. Some national radio Golden elements located sometimes openly, but often they are hidden under a copper case (because gold is very easily abraded).


КТ605, КТ603, КТ602, КТ316, КТ312, КТ306, КТ302, КТ301, КТ203, КТ201 and other similar with legs Golden brown.
КТ907, КТ904, КТ606 other similar, apparently not having Golden color.
КТ970, КТ958, КТ934, КТ931, КТ930, КТ925, КТ920, КТ919, КТ911, КТ909, КТ817, KT816, КТ815, KT814, КТ611, КТ604, КТ602 and other similar with the case of Golden color
2Т912, КП947, КП904, КТ912, КТ908, КТ812, КТ809, КТ808, КТ803, КТ802, КТ704 – up 1986 release.


К573, К565, K564, К249, К178, K134, К133 and the like.
К580, K564, К145, К142 and the like.
K574, К544, К228, К217, К157, К140 and the like.
АОТ101, К565РУ7, К565РУ6, К565РУ5, К565РУ2, K500, К145 (white spider), К142ЕН and the like.

Radio with silver contents

Silver contains the vast majority of electronic components in the form of ultrathin (several tens of microns) layer on the outside or inside of the case and on the contacts of electronic components. Therefore, to separate the individual electronic components do not make sense. In a very larger amount of pure silver contained, except that the relay contacts.

Therefore, as an example, is considered the approximate content of silver in electronic components for various purposes in the amount of 1,000 individual e-component.


K15-5 – about 29,901 grams.
K10-7V – approximately 13,652 grams.


РЭС6 – about 157 grams.
РСЧ52 approximately 688 grams.
РКМП1 – about 132 grams.
RVM – about 897,4 grams.

Note that the following list of precious metals in electronic components is not complete (unfortunately, the preparation of such it would take several dozen pages). Therefore, the article considers only the "rich" electronic components. However, the interested reader may complement this list yourself by reviewing passports for radio and radio equipment, and by acquaintance with the special literature on radio.