From plastic bases

If you have an old plastic bezel, do not throw it away. Very soon it will turn into an amazing thing that you will be proud of. If on the surface one can see the remains of the former luxury in the form of stones, the braid, remove them. The surface should be smooth.

Take the interlining, attach to the surface of the bezel, outline. You want to capture the contours of the entire surface. To do so, attach the left edge, then slowly roll the base to the middle and right edge. All this time the pen is in your hands needs to outline the contours. Do not take for these purposes a ball, it will leave traces that bright beads can not hide. Perfect silver gel pen. Cut out, leaving all the edges of the seam allowance to 2 mm.

Fold 5 slices of nonwoven adhesive side to Nechaeva. Top off with freshly cut base. Cleave the pin, cut out the pieces on this layout. Attach the base to a piece of velvet, cut it out. Will need another blank – out skin. It should be 2 mm larger than the velvet. With iron glue non-woven materials to each other, and then top with velvet with a double layer of cheesecloth or a thin cloth so as not to spoil the delicate surface of the fabric.

It's time to paint the bezel beads. Take a needle with a thin eyelet, thread to match. String on the needle one bead, sew it to the velvet surface. Then take the next crystal, attach it as well. Don't forget to leave the edges 2 mm no hole beads.

When all the velvet ribbon is embroidered over her back (non-woven) side glue Crystal, glue to the front side of the plastic bezel. On the other side of the rim to glue the leather piece.

Left draping the edges. To do this, take a needle and thread. To hide the knot, point the tip of the needle between the leather and non-woven blanks, stuck in the past. Further, the end of the needle must pass through the outermost bead. Slightly tighten the thread. String a new bead and also pierce with a needle the edge of the fabric. In the same way the whole panel bezel. You can try it.


To make a headband, a tiara, take a piece of durable wire, attach the head, bend, cut the bezel size. In the same way, measure 2 the same workpiece. Put them together. Cut 6 pieces of thin wire length of 12 cm String beads on them, leaving 2 cm on each edge naked. Distribute evenly and attach to the three main pieces.

To do this, take the first wire strung with beads, fold in half. The left edge miss on top of the first and third billet, having got over the second, which is in the middle. The second end of the wire with beads miss from behind first and third, the front middle of the workpiece. In the same way, attach all 6 strands (staggered). In the middle clip thin wire strung with beads, length 15 cm which Turned rim bead in the form of tiaras.