You will need
  • Pegs, marking tape, crushed stone, dense plastic film, wooden bars, boards, electric drill with sanding attachment, linseed oil, river or quartz sand
The size and shape of the structures can be arbitrary, usually for children aged 2 to 5 years make a sandbox of 1.7 by 1.7 m. Take the pegs, cord, and marking the tape with their help protect the site perimeter. Then remove the earth layer with a thickness of 30 cm, and in the center make a hole with a depth of 60-70 cm and a diameter of 40-50 cm.
Fill the hole with gravel and tamp slightly, so you will drain well. To sandbox dry out faster after a heavy rain, create a slight slope from the sides to the center.
The base will serve as a thick plastic film, instead, you can use paving slabs, a sheet of plywood with holes for drainage, or a geotextile. If it is not done, sand will eventually mix with the earth. In addition, the Foundation sandbox will prevent the ingress of rodents and insects. Lay bedding material on the previously created sand cushion height 5-6 cm
Take 4 Board size 150x30x2,5 cm, 4 bar 45x5x5 cm and 4 boards for the construction of the horizontal boards should be placed around the perimeter of the sandbox. Carefully grind all materials for this you can use a power drill with sander attachment or grinder.
Treat the beams and boards with linseed oil, applying 2-3 coats. If no oil, use any antiseptic that protects the wood from rotting, you can use the bitumen.
At the corners of the sandbox kopite sticks, buried them at 15-20 cm, after which fasten it to the Board. If there are no wide boards, make the boards from narrow. For example, to make the walls, you can take 3 boards width 10 cm Strengthen the perimeter of the sandbox horizontal seat.
It is desirable to make the cover, it will protect the content of the sandbox from debris, dry leaves and twigs. As such the roof you can use the awning, but it will have to pull every night, which is not very convenient. Better to knock a wooden Board, fixing a few boards on the perimeter.
Shoot down the two wooden shield, seal them hinges, implement handles and make a hinged lid of the sandbox. In expanded form it will fulfill the role of comfortable benches with backs, and to open it under force even to the child 4-5 years.