"Victoria" can grow in almost any soil. But preferably black earth or forest soil, light or average composition. If "Victoria" is situated on dernove the soil, the yield will be much lower. The location of the groundwater also affects the development of the berries. It is desirable to grow wherever they are located close to the surface.
Reproduction of "Victoria" is held in two ways antennae and horns, that is, division of the Bush on the smaller bushes. Fit since the spring can be carried out at any time. But it is necessary to finish such work until approximately September 15. Otherwise the plant will not have time to take root well before the frosts and die.
For "Victoria" need soft, loose soil. Therefore, before planting, the ground should be well skatyvaetsya, removed all the weeds and their roots. In the soil are fertilizer. Great rotted manure or humus. Just be careful that the manure wasn't fresh. It can burn the roots of weak plants.
After the beds are made, which must be raised by 10-15 cm to ensure that Victoria is better heated by the sun. It's pretty light. Next, at a distance of about 35 centimeters to make holes. Between the rows it is necessary to leave not less than 60 centimeters. Optimum depth of planting holes 18 inches. Before planting, the hole should be well watered.
Then in the hole put the plant so that their core was on the surface of the earth. We cannot allow that it was covered with earth or too climbed over her. After planting, the land around Victoria must be sealed and the aisles, on the contrary, loosen.
After planting, immediately watered. Further, while the seedlings did not take root, watering in hot weather, is not less than a day. Many gardeners suggest after the first watering mulch the bed with Victoria. This will help prevent the ground from drying out and will slow down the growth of weeds, which are dangerous to the young berry.
If you transplant the young bushes "Victoria", in the same year, do not expect a big harvest. This berry gives the optimum number of fruit on the second or third year from planting.