The definition of the subject and the object of the course work

According to the rules of writing term papers and dissertations in the first phase after the formulation of the theme of the work follows the methodological part, including the definition of the object, subject and problems of research necessary to further define the goals and objectives of the study.

The definition of the object and subject of research is not "unnecessary formality" as it is sometimes presented to students. This is an important and difficult task. In fact there is a determination, on the one hand, objectively existing phenomena which need to be explored (object), and on the other hand, the direction and boundaries of the study itself (object).

The proper definition of the object and subject of study, depends all further progress of the work. The object of study exists independently of the researcher, and the object is determined in connection with the study.

The object is a projection, with which the researcher learns complete object, allocating to it significant from the point of view of the study characteristics. The researcher selects the object from the field of his scientific interests, and the subject identifies as a specific part of this region.

An example of the object and subject of study

In the same building you can find items of several studies that can relate even to different scientific disciplines. But the subject of one study may become the object of another, more detailed.

For example, if you take a sample of a term paper on the history of the topic "Diplomatic preconditions of the beginning of the Cossack uprising of 1648" the object of study is the Cossack rebellion of 1648, the subject of study is the diplomatic preconditions Cossack uprising of 1648 In this case, in the future, for themselves diplomatic preconditions can be the object of research when choosing a subject is a more private area.

Thus, the concepts "object" and "subject" is dialectically linked and related as the General and the particular. The object of the research is the part of objective reality (for example, some phenomenon or system), or, which directed the attention of the researcher and the research subject — a certain aspect of properties or relations, a dedicated researcher in the object.

It should be borne in mind that the subject of the research should not be too wide, because the wider its scope, the harder it is to achieve the scientific novelty of the obtained results.