Causes of loss of gloss

Ordinary wear and care of linoleum is quite a stiff brush – one of the reasons for the rapid loss of Shine. This leads to the fact that the protective layer loses its quality, and thus the initial brightness. Need to pick up the brush as gently as possible, because loss of the protective layer will lead to the destruction of linoleum.

The use of improper cleaning agents after a time dissolves the linoleum. For example, kerosene, it removes the stubborn stains but at the same time destroys the flooring, which contributes to its rapid wear.

How to give original luster

Shine has lost form linoleum can be, above all, well after washing it. In this case, you need to mix warm water with milk in the ratio of one to one. Wash them several times. The result will not keep itself waiting long. The coating not only cleanses, but will gain its original Shine. However, this procedure should be repeated frequently, which is not very practical.

To restore the gloss on longer, it is recommended to wash the linoleum with soapy solution of warm water and thoroughly dry it. The next stage should be rubbed with natural linseed oil, using a soft woolen rag. It is also allowed to apply the Polish, or the polishing of the two layers. This method it is advisable to check beforehand on a separate piece of linoleum or unapproachable. The frequency of application of this method one to two times per month. After application it is necessary to keep the coating from any kind of impact at least 10 hours.

Different quality linoleum doesn't respond well to contact with hot water. This is very detrimental for him. The high temperature destroys the luster, destroys its structure and it might just crumble. The best option is dry cleaning. You can buy special dry wipes for linoleum. It is very convenient and practical.

To care for linoleum mastic possible. It should be purchased at the hardware store. The use of mastic will restore luster, and strengthen protective layer. Before applying you need to carefully examine its manual.

Wash the linoleum need to be constantly with the special tools that you can buy in any household shop. And he will always be shining. In residential premises, to make such cleaning should at least once in six months.