What is a beta?

Beta version, as you might guess, is not the final version of a software or web resource. Under beta, you should understand the procedure of testing of any software or web site. Usually beta testing is done when programmers have created a basic functional part of a game or site and tested it for errors. Of course, that programmers and developers can make mistakes and, of course, to be thorough, it is impossible for one simple reason - it takes too much time. That's why it was created beta testing.

Why you need beta testing?

During the beta test, regular users are given the opportunity to participate. Usually it is either closed or open. If beta testing is open, everyone can participate in this process. If beta testing is closed, then to take part in the test are only those people who fulfilled a certain condition. In addition, beta testing can be limited by the number of participants.

As mentioned above, much of the functionality already implemented in the beta. The user has only to check the program or website for the presence of flaws or errors. For the most part, this version of the product appears directly before the release of the final product. Beta goes through a cycle of internal testing, which in the end may show the stability of any website or program. During this, users will be able to write about the bugs and flaws by the developers. In addition, in the same letter, they can leave their wishes.

If you are running a beta version of some software, usually the software comes with a special text file which specifies the list of all changes, compared to the previous version, known at the time of the appearance of the beta issues and bugs that need to be fixed with the release of the final version. As for a website, this procedure is virtually identical - the user can also leave your messages to administrators or developers with different requirements and wishes.