How to steam the poppy seed for fillings

Since poppy seeds are commonly used for stuffing, pies and other pastries, they must be carefully prepared. After all, the old Mac is usually bitter, and the seeds it is not particularly soft.

The best method is steaming Mac. This grain should be thoroughly washed in warm water, grind in a mortar, pour boiling water. Some people like it whole poppy seeds in the filling, so they can not pre-grind. Soak the poppy should be for a few hours, preferably overnight, then they will become soft but will not change its shape.

For the filling poppy can be cooked in milk with sugar, then the filling will become very creamy taste will become extremely tender and juicy. You can just wrap it in the dough dry Mac, which under the influence of temperature itself will be steamed and become fragrant.

To give stuffing a spicy flavor, you can add the poppy zest of lemon, orange or cinnamon. In this way it is possible to significantly change the usual recipe to give it more flavor.

You can experiment and try to mix the poppy seed for fillings with nuts, raisins and honey. Get a kind of Oriental sweets that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

How to prepare Mac for the test

For rolls and bagels, the poppy seeds are often added to the dough. It is much easier, it is not necessary to separately prepare the stuffing. To obtain a homogeneous dough, poppy seeds previously boiled or soaked in boiling water and then ground in a meat grinder. Along with the poppy paste can be directly scrolled dried fruits or nuts. In this case, it's just a wonderful tasty loaf.

The dough with poppy seeds used for cooking biscuits. You can make a simple shortcrust pastry and mix it with grated through a meat grinder Mac. It is easy to prepare and very tasty dessert.

The easiest way to use poppy seeds in baking is the decorating. The finished product can be sprinkled with dry poppy seeds mixed with icing sugar. For example, children are very fond of buns with poppy dressing.

Pastries stuffed with poppy seeds - delicious and budget option for the hostess. After all, her cooking won't need any unusual ingredients, Maca can be mixed with what is at hand: honey, nuts, raisins and even sugar. Yes, and as decoration poppy looks very nice on buns, rolls, pies with open filling, and the bagels.