Why do men not want to marry

They are afraid of losing freedom. Even if a man is by nature a homebody, he will still hold on to their freedom. After all, if there is no stamp you can come and go, and after the wedding you will need to get a divorce, divide property and other legal issues.

They don't want to take responsibility. Men like to live alone and answer only for himself. But after marriage he will have to solve the problem of his wife then he might have a baby and your whole life will change. He will be forced to abandon their habits, and sometimes to do what you don't want to do.

Fear of financial issues. If a girl dreams of a lavish and expensive wedding, and he cannot handle it, the man will postpone this day as long as possible. After the establishment of the family expenses are increasing – need to find an apartment, buy furniture and appliances, to support a wife and later a child.

Want to celebrate the wedding. Sometimes finances do not put a man to a standstill, and the traditional ways of wedding. The bride, contests, toastmaster, need a whole day to chat with relatives and smile at the camera. And if the girl enthusiastically talks about it, he would postpone the proposal.

Negative experiences can also play an important role. If the man was already married and the marriage fell apart, he may be afraid of history repeating. After all, they, most likely, in the beginning of the relationship, too, was happy and ready for a long life together. Bad memories prevent him to propose.

Fear that everything will change. He is happy with your relationship at this stage. You do not depend from each other, do not require a lot, he doesn't feel pressure or a responsibility. But after the wedding everything can change: my girlfriend will turn into a cranky wife, and romantic feelings will fade.

Frightening stories married friends. Sometimes family life friends can influence the decision of the guy. If every day he hears stories about the quarrelsome wife, lack of sex, constant fighting and a catastrophic shortage of money, the man can change his mind to marry. Look closely friends, her partner and their companions.

What to do

Talk to him. If the wait goes on for years and you have lost hope for a happy ending to the story, ask the man about the reasons for the silence. Only he will be able to accurately answer this question. Don't push it, let's talk calmly and discuss all the moments that scare him. It is possible that after an open conversation, he'll make you an offer.