Recommend to buy the Board no later than the end of may or first decade of June, because shrinkage of the material and the acquisition of the required natural moisture will take at least two months.
The humidity of the material of the shell should not exceed 10-15%, or in the course of shrinkage will change the density of the connection boards with each other, this can lead to the formation of cracks, which negatively affect the appearance of the house.
The lining of the walls start from the bottom, with each Board needs to be thorn down and groove up. Attaching the first starting Board, you need to check its levelness with a level. If there are deviations from horizontal lines, Board level, only then its capital attached to the wall of the house.
Performing mount the second Board is inserted into the groove in the tenon, top, hit gently with a mallet - a wooden hammer, after which the tenon fits snugly into the groove. The Board is attached by two nails, having them indented 1 cm from each edge. In this case nails should be no more than 50 cm from each other.
Generally horizontal trim perform overlapping, the lower edge of one Board fits under the top edge of the other. This is typically achieved using nestroganye planed or edged boards in width of 12-15 sm and thickness of 2 to 2.5 cm.
For horizontal sheathing is best to choose the floorboards, they will provide wind protection and help keep heat in the room. Vertical siding made of planks with a width of about 15 cm and a thickness of at least 2 cm gaps closed by the slats, nailing them with two nails.
When house siding is completed, the corners need to attach the boards in a vertical position. One set overlapping the other, forming area, in the same way mounted window surrounds. The covering of the gable , you can perform both horizontal and vertical boards, using the same principle of connection, as upon installation of the facade.
After completion of all work on the house siding you need to paint the surface. To paint went smoothly, the Board processed through the grinding machine. It should be used abrasive paper with gradation of grain 25, 40, 80 and 120.
If you plan to paint the surface with oil paint, you must first apply two coats of varnish, wait until it dries, then you can start painting the house. Surface plating paint with a wide brush, roller or spray applied.