You will need
  • - homeopathic medicines;
  • - "Paracetamol" or "Ibuprofen".
Before proceeding to treat the child, remember that fever is not a disease in itself, so don't panic, this is a natural reaction of the body. With its help it is cleared from bacteria and viruses. Body temperature can rise above 40 ° C, above that at which the breeding of bacteria and viruses. The child can feel the chill all over my body and tremors caused by rapid muscle contraction. Knowing this, you can give your body time to fight the disease. After some time, the body temperature usually returns to normal, the child will feel better. To do so you can only if the child has a high fever, but outwardly he is calm and does not feel cold and shiver.
To keep immune system during a fever, you can give him some homeopathic remedies, like "wolfsbane" or "Belladonna". Such funds, unlike, for example, "Paracetamol" will not actively suppress the fever directly, they will help the body fight caused his illness. Homeopathic remedies it is advisable to give on the first day of the appearance of chills. The sooner you begin treating them, the quicker you can get rid of the symptoms of the disease triggered a fever. You can fight the chills directly to give the child a pill "Paracetamol" or "Ibuprofen".
Feeling cold all the body eventually gives way to the intense heat. This happens when the body ends the fight with pathogenic microorganisms, and then the brain gives the signal to lower the body temperature. Blood vessels begin to expand, the skin takes on a red hue. The sensation of heat may be accompanied by sweating, convulsions, loss of consciousness and other symptoms. In most cases, this condition of the body is not dangerous, it does not cause any complications, but to call an ambulance is needed immediately. Put the child to bed, put it to the side. Remove all tight clothing to ease his movement and breathing. Don't try to knock cramping, this can lead to injuries of the muscles.
In rare cases, chills can be due to serious diseases, such as pneumonia, sepsis, urinary tract infection, meningitis, etc. the Fever in such cases can be accompanied by vomiting, a rash on the body, heavy breathing and other serious symptoms. Any such symptoms require immediate medical attention, do not try to treat a fever by yourself.